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Never watch a foreign movie while posting to LJ

I'm currently watching something called "Dead Tired" and I have absolutely no idea what's going on.

This whole weekend has been really cold/wet/windy and when I woke up, it was still pouring and it sounds very whoosh-whoosh outside. I'd woken up around 4:00AM and hubby was still awake. I'm not sure when he fell asleep so I figured I shouldn't wake him, but maybe letting it go until past noon, wasn't the brightest move either.

We didn't get out for brunch until like 200PM. Went to Chow. It was more crowded than when we usually go, so we couldn't get a seat on the patio. We were inside where it's much more noisy. I went to Safeway for some groceries and then to the Mint.


OK, so I get there and there's already this very strange little group of non-regulars. Two girls wearing short, silver, shiny dresses. I thought maybe they'd wandered up from Wondercon, but no, they were just a bunch of girls who decided to come to the Mint, and were planning to change outfits throughout the evening, which they did. Not really costumes, although at one point there was a tutu, but just a bunch of basically whorish, revealing costumes, many of which were quite sparkly. I should also mention the presence of a guy named Jack who was wearing (so help me) a headband, a superman t-shirt and a utilikilt. He was one of those guys who needs to get up and dance during everybody else's song. He kept taking off his utilikilt, so we could better see the lacy pink petticoat he had on underneath. He lifted that often as well, but at least he was NOT going (ahem) regimental.

I wasn't in good voice tonight. "Pitchy" as they say on American Idol.

I did get to see David O. (looking very hot in a white shirt and tight jeans) and give him his copy of John Barrowman's book. Since I had sort of flaked the Oscars, I left a message for hubby to set Tivo, but he didn't get it until it was too late. Oh Well! Hopefully, Jon's monologue will be on You Tube by tomorrow.

The moment that defined the evening for me, was when this guy was on stage, and he called out to this woman who was sitting at the bar, "Hey mom, get me a shot."

Song list:

Halfway To Paradise-Billy Fury
All Out of Love-Air Supply
It's Late-Ricky Nelson
You Were On My Mind-We Five
L-O-V-E-Nat King Cole

And from a few weeks ago-at the request of recrudescence, who wanted to hear what I sound like singing karaoke-click at your own peril.

Cry Just a Little Bit

Under the Moon of Love
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