February 11th, 2007

Start spreading the news....I'm posting tonight....

Vacation's over. Back to work tomorrow. Not much accomplished. I didn't even make an attempt at cleaining my closet which was on the list of things I kind of wanted to do. Mostly I slept in (like till 8 or 9AM,) went to the gym, came home, caught up on LJ, worked on fic, and watched DVDs. I got my nails done, had a massage, took laundry, picked up laundry. Days just evaporated while I was reading TWoP and chatting happily.

Due to hubby being sick early in the week and the weather being crappy late, we never did get to see my grandparents. Yeah, I suck. I know.

Bluegrass Festival: We went to concerts at Noe Valley Ministry on Friday and Saturday. Friday, the big draw was the Stairwell Sisters, who I first heard playing in the Montgomery Street BART station a few years ago. They totally kick ass. Their slogan in is "Good time girls, playing old-time music." Just to Evie Laden clog dancing, is breath taking. They have fun on stage and the audience loves them. If you're a blue-grass, old-time or just interesting music fan, I highly recommend checking them out: http://www.stairwellsisters.com/

The headliners were a Portland band called Jackstraw with an interesting line-up for a bluegrass band-two guitars, mandolin and bass. No fiddle, no banjo. They were good, but they didn't have the same energy and charisma as Stairwell Sisters. The Stairwells are hot in all senses of the word and this band was good, but not particularly HOT.

The Wronglers were the opening act and they were OK. Basically amateurs, including the unbelievable rich Warren Hellman who puts on the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in October. When you've got that much money you can do whatever you want including having your eminently untalented wife be the singer in your not so hot band.

Saturday night we saw Peter Rowan, who was being backed by a band that includes the guy who my hubby takes fiddle lessons from. He was playing Mandolin. Peter is a very schizophrenic act. When he's playing "straight" bluegrass and telling stories, I love him. When he goes into hippy-dippy singer songwriter mode including songs that go into long, boring extended jams, I want to kill him. Especially when the boredome makes me notice that the man next to me did not smell so good. No, I don't mean my hubby, I mean the guy on the other side of me. But hey, they finished up with "I Saw The Light" and then played some encores.

Opening act was a very good group called "Alhambra Valley Band" and they were playing some good old bluegrass which made me very happy.

So like I said, Festival's over, vacation's over and I have to go back to work tomorrow. But before I do that...

I'll be posting the new Hugh&Bobby chapter tonight, sometime around 11:00PM PST. It's been four months in the making although the action barely moves three weeks past the last story.

If you're new to my LJ or my RPS and want to bring yourself up to speed, the saga starts here:
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Early Valentine's gift: "Friends & Lovers" RPS HL/RSL NC17 Wordcount-9133

Title: Friends and Lovers
Author: Karaokegal
Pairing: HL/RSL. Includes appearances by Stephen Fry and Ethan Hawke as well as mentions of co-stars, sig others, family members.
Rating: NC17 for language and smut
Wordcount: 9133
Disclaimer: This never happened and I’m not making any money for saying it did.
Warnings/Author’s notes: You know the drill. If you think RPS is bad/evil/nasty/sick etc, this isn’t the story for you. SPOILER FOR "INFORMED CONSENT"
Thanks to my beautiful Beta Goddess Carol, for getting this one super-shiny under truly trying circumstances. Please send all possible good, good, good vibrations in her direction.
Summary: July 31, 2006. The night that Hugh’s appearance on “Inside The Actor’s Studio” was broadcast.
Crossposted because that's the kind of comment crackwhore I am.

The story so far:

Wrap Party
Like a Hurricane
Heat Wave
London Calling

And now for your reading pleasure

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