February 21st, 2007

All caught up on my LJ (those three day weekends are a killer)

But skipping A LOT. Somewhat out of necessity but possibly because my H/W smut addiction is on the wane. Even promises of angst don't titillate my tush the way they used to. (On the other hand, my Hugh&Bobby love is alive and well and the next Chapter will move into the fall and take us for a visit across the pond.) I don't know if it's the direction the show has gone in or an inevitable result of the way I've completely subsumed my life to this thing and would now like a bit of it back. I'm still in the process of writing the mother of all H/W angst-a-palooza epics, after which I will focus on some other projects which will make different shippers happy. (If you have a bday H/W fic request in, you will get it...yes that means YOU timbershiver).

I'm kind of down on the whole meme thing, especially after getting into a little snipfest over one a few months back. Right now my happiest moments are spent reading fanficrants for pure unadulterated snarkiness, even though I inadvertantly set off a major wank there last week and I think one of the Heathers dissed my House/Swing Kids crossover story in a thread as well.

Meanwhile speaking of addiction...since I saw "Music & Lyrics" I have not been able to get the music out of my head. I downloaded the soundtrack to my Ipod and have been playing it compulsively, especially "Way Back Into Love" the big Power Ballad as sung by Hugh Grant and Hayley Bennett. I don't know if it's the minor key or the melody or the big buildup after the middle eight or what, but this thing is in my head ALL THE TIME. Plus all the other songs, both the Wham-esque 80's type stuff and Pop diva songs are all just incredibly yummy. I may have to go see the damn thing again just to see Hugh G. do the hip thrusting.

And speaking of yummy British men of a certain age: http://community.livejournal.com/hobmla/57247.html
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