March 12th, 2007


"Bargain" House/Chase NC17 Wordcount-3231

No season three spoilers. UK SAFE!

Title: Bargain
Author: karaokegal
Fandom: House MD
Pairing: House/Chase (and a hint of stealth H/W)
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 3231
Notes: Written as a birthday gift for haldane who requestd Chase and a male and not too much angst. I tried, really I did. This is pretty damn fluffy for me.
Warnings: Spoiler for "Acceptance," Drunk!House.

Summary: Missing scene from Acceptance.

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Sex Bomb, Sex Bomb, You're a Sex Bomb.

I mentioned losing my cell-phone in a cab on Saturday. I called the cab company this AM and they definitely don't have it. Donatello said he called me Saturday (when we were trying to organize that whole "going out to the party" thing) and somebody with an accent answered. I went over to T-Mobile and bought a new cheap cell phone. I figure they're like sunglasses. I might as well get the cheap ones because I know I'm going to lose them anyway.

Went to the Mint after work because if I stayed home, I'd just stare at my email waiting for comments and that way lies madness. I hung out with Habib who I've seen at the Mint for years but never REALLY talked to. We talked about Idol and House and I babbled about Slash and Smut and gave him my LJ address. Habib, if you're reading this, I had an awesome time hanging out. Let's do it again. I also talked to Brendan. We were having a "old technology" nostalgia fest. Mimeographs. Commodore Vic. Pong. etc etc.

I sang, "Have I The Right" and old 60's pop song by the Honeycombs, "Look Of Love Part 2" by ABC and finished up with "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones.

I came home to a nice batch of comments on both stories. Gotta go to sleep now and try to get to the gym in the AM. I've got some serious crack!fic in the works as well as a new batch of birthdays and Oh Yeah, I haven't even started my remix. Oops. The gym connection is that I get some of my best ideas on the treadmill because my brain will do anything not to be where it is, if that makes any sense.