March 19th, 2007


So mama please don't worry about me. I'm nearly famous now. Check this out!

The beguiling and bedazzling deelaundry wrote this MST as a result of my "Where's the hatesex?" rant of a few weeks back, which by the way, produced awesome results from both fallen_arazil (CSI-NY, Danny/Flack) and paperclipbitch (House MD, Wilson/Chase). It also references my complete and utter loathing of the "Weepy Wilson" cliche, which I'd ranted about at fanficrants

This totally made my day. Thanks, Dee!

Weekend update-includes Movie Review, Run Report, Karaoke and fic angst.

Am I the only one who hates the new LJ home page? Does anyone else know how I get to “My LJ” from there? I feel completely lost.

I got stuck here a bit late on Friday trying to help out some clients who were flying back to the east coast but thought their flight had been canceled because of the weather. Sometimes I think no-one should be allowed to travel between, oh I don’t know, October and April. I’m just so sick of people whining because they’re flights have been canceled due to storms. And they always act so damn surprised and expect me to do something. I can rebook them on another flight if there is one, but I can’t make a canceled flight be un-canceled.

I more or less made it out of here on time Friday night, which allowed me to do a quick run to the Jackson Park Safeway for food. Wednesday was pizza and Thursday was one of our occasional oyster orgies, so I was due to cook. I brought home pork chops and served them with rice i.e. butter delivery system.

As you may remember, I was not in great emotional shape all week regarding the job to the extent that I was telling Carmen the cleaning lady that I wanted to come and clean with her. This of course is utter bullshit. As much as I hate my job and don’t think I do it well, physical labor is probably not me thing either. It’s just a signal of the despondency that I feel about the situation here, even when it’s not horrible. So my goal for this weekend was to get my shit together, at least to the point where I could get up and do my job without wishing for drugs to numb the pain.

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Saturday, we slept in and I worked on some of my happier, if not exactly fluffy writing projects, as well as a few beta assignments. I wanted to go see “Last King Of Scotland” but when I mentioned that “Miss Potter” was still playing at Opera Plaza, hubby was all over it. It was sunny, although brisk (as in shit, I should have worn another layer) so we walked over for the matinee.

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We came home and finally watched “The State Within” which has been sitting on my Tivo for nearly, if not over a month. We went through the whole thing in one night. God, I love British Television. Canon slash. Full on man-kissing. Whew! Sharon Gless as Dick Cheney. Intricate plotting. Snarky dialogue. AMBIGUITY. Not as hot hetsex, but at least pretty people having it. And oh yeah, people who can act. Nigel Bennett, who I loved back in his “Forever Knight” days as Lacroix. He’s not particularly sexy anymore, but man can he do Eeeeeevil. I was worried about getting to sleep cos I had to get up early early for the “Emerald Across the Bay Run”.

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Later that night…

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Thanks for reading. I love you guys.

Edited because I do know the difference between their and they're even if my fingers don't.

Self reccing meme

I realize the idea of moi, the queen of shameless self-promotion, doing a self-pimping meme is almost too much, but I was actually tagged by savemoony for the following:

Post a list of your top five favorite fics you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

Two obvious ones and then some wild cards.
#1- Wrap Party
My first Hugh & Bobby story. So much fun to write, especially because of the little frisson of naughtiness that goes along with writing something as controversial as RPS. I still love Hugh at the piano singing Noel Coward songs. Who wouldn't fall in love with him?

#2- Smooth Operator Falling in lust with Jools Siviter kept me going during some really bad times here at the Desk of Doom. Almost to the extent of telling myself I was working for MI6 undercover and Jools would show up soon to get me out of here. I watched "Traitors Gate" and "Rosebud Memoirs" obsessively and was emailing Beta Goddess Carol on a daily basis as we traded bits of Jools dialogue and back story and kinky concepts.

#3- Chills & Fever otherwise known as "The Angsty 80's songfic". House listens to an old mixtape and snarks at or about everybody. Second season angst, but nothing like what we've been through lately. And probably more about my taste in music than you want to know. (Although the next meme coming up is the "Favorite Songs by Letter" so you'll know even more.)

#4- It Don't Mean A Thing Proving that I can write a happy H/W ending. I like the end result but sitting through "Swing Kids" enough times to get it right was tough. Written for the H_W Fest.

#5- Put Out The Fire My first ever crossover. CSI-NY/House MD. Lindsay/Chase. It's one of those dreaded multi-parters I'm so into ranting about, but the parts are short. I really like the way I wrote Danny especially when tries to interrogate House with about the results you'd expect. I think my "kinky sex in Montana" stuff is hot. This was a fun story to write because I wasn't taking it too seriously and let myself have a good time with all the characters.

Tagging the following:
Because you're all fairly new to my flist and I'd like to know your work better.
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