March 26th, 2007


More on the TV Guide outrage.

Coming to you from "I cleverly have no personal life" Central.

There's definitely something weird going on folks, because aside from the glaring absence of Mr. Laurie and Mr. Leonard et. al in the listings and pictures there is also a serious glut of performers from Grey's Anatomy. Patrick Dempsey, in what appears to be the #1 spot, Justin Chambers (who with scruff and tats looks to me like a Carmine G. wannabe without a tenth of the hot or the charisma), Katherine Heigl, Dempsey & Ellen Pomeo as "Sexiest Couple" and Grey's Anatomy for "Sexiest Cast".

The "Couple" and "Cast" votes were "Your Sexy Picks," which leads me to believe that the folks who are busy spamming couple polls at from both sides of the aisle are wasting valuable time and energy that could better be used toward making sure that our boys are not shut out this way again. Especially this final insult:

Sexiest Male Doctor-Goran Visnjic from ER with 71%.
Runner's up: Patrick Dempsey, Matthew Fox-Lost, Hugh Laurie-House and John Stamos-ER.
I guess the only saving grace is that Hugh did not come in AFTER John Stamos.

And for those who asked-none of the "Supernatural" guys made it either.

Frankly, IMAO, the sexiest picture in the whole issue is the ad on the back page for "The Tudors" with Jonathan Rhys Meyers as a seriously sexy Henry VIII in nice open legged pose with a poufy shirt and some bling looking into the camera with a very intense gaze and three buxom wenches behind him seen only from the neck down.
Yummy. I've had a serious yen for JRM since "Gormenghast."