June 6th, 2007

I Love San Francisco In June...

And every other month of the year, even August when it's freezing and I'm laughing at tourists in shorts, but June is Pride Month and few things make me happier to be a San Franciscan than that.

I walked to work today. It was a crisp, but sunny and the rainbow flags are out all along Market Street in honor of Pride and they look beautiful.

I want to start a new tag for posts that are just about how much I love this city. It was goinng to be SFLOVE, but then I realized that could be misconstrued by fans of Mr. Stephen Fry, so maybe I need something else.
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    I Left My Heart In San Francisco-Tony Bennett
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LOVE MEME POST #3-thinlysliced


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You are definitely someone I'd like to know better, so here's your special karaokegal song dedication:

Artist: Spanky & Our Gang
Song: Like To Get To Know You
Yes, I would like to get to know you, if I could
Like to get to know you
Finally I found, searching all around
Just was not the answer
One I thought was true
Looked a bit like you
Figured I might chance her
Hardly need to say
She went on her way
Said it was all over
Well it's been some time
And I guess that I'm just meant to be a rover

Now I can't promise that I'll spend a day with you
Can't promise that I'll find a way with you
Can't promise no
I can't promise that I'll love you
But I'd like to get to know you
Yes I would if I could
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    I Love How You Love Me-Bobby Vinton
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