June 14th, 2007

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"Manhattan Melodrama" House MD/CSI-NY crossover Chase/Danny NC17 5405 Words

Title: Manhattan Melodrama
Author: karaokegal
lFandom: House MD/CSI-NY crossover
Pairing: Chase/Danny (Implied House/Wilson)
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 5405 - When you care enough to send the very best-or at least a lot of words.
Notes: Written for the divine kohlrimmedeye a/k/a paperclipbitch who requested Chase/Danny. I had no idea those boys were going get quite so emo with each other.
Thanks to michelleann68 who did extremely last minute beta.
SPOILERS:Takes place at the end of Season 2 for House MD and Season 2 for CSI-NY so spoilers for all those.
Summary: It's all House's fault. Angst & smut ensue.

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Happy Birthday kohl_rimmed_eye


Happy Birthday, oh beautiful one.

Your present may be found Here Hope you like it."

And your other present is some pimping, if you’ll allow me the privilege.

For those who don’t know, let me tell you that Ms. Eye, a/k/a paperclipbitch is a truly amazing writer in any fandom she turns her talent toward and I stand in utter awe of her ability to create a truly believable, heart-wrenching moment between two characters who I might never have otherwise imagined together, in just a few, adrenaline-to-the-heart lines.

Some of her fictional kisses are more vivid to me than ones I’ve had in real life.

Everything she writes is brilliant, from drabbles to multi-parters that make you cry when they’re over because you wanted to spend more time with the characters. Shee’s written every possible House pairing including Het and Femslash. Her Cam/Stacy fics alone are a lesson in hotness.

She created an angsty Wilson/Chase dynamic out of thin air starting at a point where they had barely been in any scenes together. Even though I came House fandom as a hard-core H/W shipper, she made me round-heeled see the possibilities, especially because of the hurt/angsty/darkness of the incomparable Hangman co-written with drag_queen90.

I don’t think I can adequately express the impact this story had on my vision of House MD, House/Wilson, Wilson/Chase, House/Chase and housefic in general.

It’s the pain I didn’t even know I wanted. So yes, she made me the angst-bunny I am today. :)

Then came Grey Gardens. (I totally thought of this when I watch Christine Ebersole win her Tony!)

Things you need to know about me: I hate AU. I hate Multi-parters. This story is both and I love it more than life itself. From the simple premise “What if Wilson had the infarction,” comes a whole AU that I could easily move into and set up house-keeping, especially given what we’ve been put through this season. Her Petra Gilmar is a wonderful creation and makes one truly long for that character to have been hired and joined the House cast, even if Cameron didn’t leave.

And as a special gift, I’d like to pimp her recent series of House/Cameron fics.

Since she’s written so much wonderful slash, many of her readers are slash-only and specifically House/Cam averse, so these beautiful, hot, angsty, funny, cold and cruel, but never fluffy or happy stories have been over-looked and they really deserve to be read and loved. If any House/Cam fans are out there, or if you’re a slasher who’s willing to read bifictionally and over-come your prejudices, please read these stories and show some love.

No More False Heavens. No More Damned Magic

And now-your special birthday karaokegal Song dedication:

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Tidbit time!

Overheard near the magazine rack at Walgreen's "I'm so tired of seeing Matthew McConnaughy with his shirt off."

As some of you may remember, a while back I was chewed out for wearing my Crocs to work and told they did not meet the dress code. The Crocs story . Now it appears I'm not the only one being cruelly oppressed in this way.

Youtube Clip for your enjoyment.

And for those who think I'm eeeeevil for writing ANY House/Cameron at all, it's much worse than you thought. My recently posted epic included a reference to the awesomely bad song, "I've Never Been To Me" by Charlene, which provoked this Spectacular Rant by amysusanne

Please note lovely new default userpic from a picture by the stunningly talented kath_ballantyne. I just love the light coming through the window illuminating the front of Wilson's shirt.