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June 20th, 2007

LOVE MEME POST #8-deelaundry


You don't have to say you love me, just be close at handCollapse )
And now your special karaokegal song dedication---I couldn’t resist:

Watching The Clothes
By The Pretenders

Oh, saturday night
Mmm, everyone's having fun
I'm down at the laundromat
Trying to get my washing done
Like I done before
Time and time again
Watching the clothes go 'round
Another week sees it's end

Watching the clothes go 'round
Watching the clothes go 'round
Watching the clothes go 'round
Watching the clothes go 'round

Oh, I've been working hard
Mmm, trying to make some money
Would you like sour cream
On your potato, honey?
I been kissing ass
Trying to keep it clean
Serving the middle class
Yeah, it's a clean routine

Watching the clothes go 'round
Watching the clothes go 'round
Watching the clothes go 'round
Watching the clothes go 'round

There go the whites
Mmm, getting whiter
There go the colors
Getting brighter
There go the delicates
Through the final rinse
There goes my saturday night
I go without a fight

Watching the clothes go 'round
Watching the clothes go 'round
Watching the clothes go 'round
Watching the clothes go 'round


WARNING-NOT EXACTLY SPOILERS, but mention of names that could lead to 2nd half of 3rd season spoilers if completely explained.

In a recent comment thread, the lovely leiascully composed some poignant snippets of slash concerning Marco the pharmacist and The Weird Night Janitor (who wears his pants backwards) leading me to the conclusion that what House MD fandom really needs is yet ANOTHER ficathon/fest/challenge what have you; devoted to minor characters, patients of the week, clinic patients and relatives/friends there-of.

I know what with the Foreman Fest, betteronvicodin and probably others going on, most of you have at least one writing commitment that's already causing you to freak out and froth at the mouth.

But there are so many great possibilities in the Clinic Patients alone, and the world desperately needs more Nurse Brenda fic. (Brenda/Debbie In Accounting femslash?) What happened to Gabe from "Cursed"? Sex In Her Sleep woman? Did Annica ever get help for her Munchausens? (Did she have a kid and start doing Munchausen's by proxy?) Will stalker!chick ever forget about House? How about Foreman's testimony at Death Row Guy's hearing? Speaking of hearings...how's the guy who shot House doing? Did Kalvin ever call up Chase to do some modeling? Did House ever take dwarf!mom for a spin? Are Robin and Wilson's brother shagging up a storm on the Island of Lost Plot Points?

I'm thinking that the rules would require all stories to include at least ONE recurring minor character or guest character (i.e. anyone other than House/Wilson/FCC/Cuddy/Stacy/Vogler/Tritter) in a major role in the story.

Does this idea titillate anyone's tush? Opinions as to whether you'd like to have prompts, exchange requests or everybody on their own. And just how swamped are you right now? In other words, when would be a reasonable time to do it? Late summer/fall or maybe not till next year after we've all done yuletide?

Talk to me folks. If I'm completely round the bend (always a possibility) let me know that too.



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