June 21st, 2007

I'm a mess, but BART is awesome. (And some Karaoke)

Matt came home at 8:00AM and I was still in bed. I'd been waking up and going back to sleep for like two hours. I was trying to mentally write some H/W smut and every time I closed my eyes, Wilson was moving further up House's body.

I was tired because I went to the Mint last night to work on the same story and it was a total zoo because of some parties and the Bucking Idol contest. The winner gets to sing at the Gay Rodeo in the fall. I wasn't dressed up or in great voice, but I wanted to sing and the contest was going to take up most of the night so I signed up.

A singer named Jody Miller did a parody of "King Of The Road" called "Queen Of The House" so I sang that. (And I didn't even realize it played into my House obsession until later.) Out of a field of 11, I made the top 5, but there was no way I was going to win because it's always some Diva doing "Broken Wing" and karaokegal ain't no Diva.

I got most of the writing done (except the smutty bit) and went home with a very nice GSGRA (Golden State Gay Rodeo Association) portfolio for participating, but then I was all wired and couldn't sleep and stayed up too late so that I didn't want to wake up in the morning.

But thanks to the wonderfulness that is Bay Area Rapid Transit, I managed to pull myself together and get out the door by about 8:30AM and still made it into the office on time.

Not like it really matters.

Today's freebie is a Balance "Bare" Nutrition Energy Bar-Sweet & Salty Yogurt Nut. I can't actually bring myself to eat it. I'm going down for some hot chocolate and an almond croissant.