June 28th, 2007

I'm in a Meme Mood!

Stolen from kohlrimmedeye and others too numerous to mention.

Name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudo-canon.

House MD
Punditslash/Daily Show slash
RPS-Hugh/Bobby verse (includes friends/co-stars/family)
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Funny moment with IMDB

So I finally decided to register with IMDB because I wanted to check out a discussion board thread about RSL. As part of the registration they did one of those "Type this back to us, so we know you're a real person" things. And guess what it was? RON LIVINGSTON. As in, Dr. Sebastian Charles from TB Or Not TB (as well as Office Space and bunch of other stuff.) OK, I thought it was funny, but I'm starving and I'm going to lunch now.