June 29th, 2007

Another Opening, another show...Pimping yet antoher ficathon.

Because apparently there are other shows on television besides House MD. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

So if you don't want to write Cuddy!fic or House!Smut...there's always

Summer Bits

a new ficathon, started up by mybestexcuse and limmenel based on all three CSI canons, and the theme of summer.

So for those folks, who haven't maxed themselves out on House!fic obligations or have felt their House muses taking a dive for whatever reason...this might be a jump-starter.

2nd quarter fic wrap up.

Hello sick people and their loved ones gang! Especially the large number of new friends I’ve picked up over the last few weeks.

Welcome to the Chelsea Drugstore. Hope you’ll be sticking around to get your prescriptions filled.

Since at least some of those prescriptions require fanfic, I’m reposting the links to Box Set 2006
All the stories I wrote last year and
1st quarter Wrap-up for 2007.

This will bring you up to speed on all the pairings and fandoms I've attempted as well as a chance for folks to catch up on House or CSI fics they had to skip late last year or earlier this year due to spoilers.

And now for your viewing pleasure----2nd Quarter 2007 Wrap Up, including mmom

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Last year I threw the first ever Come As You're Not Karaokegal Halloween Party.

Plans are definitely underway to do a new and improved version with a longer posting window and a bigger bribe to the cops.

I'll do the official invite at the 60 days prior mark, but I live in San Francisco where we start planning our Halloween costumes the day after Halloween, so you may want to start thinking about it now.

The premise is you can write anything as long as it's something you've never done before. A fandom, pairing, style, kink, etc etc. This year, I'd love to see more diversity of fandoms and way more cross-dressing i.e. Het writers doing slash and vice versa.


I'm still in the planning stages for my House MD Minor Character/Guest Star ficathon. Just from the amount of ficathons and fests I've been pimping lately, I can tell that this summer is NOT THE TIME. I'm aiming for early 08'. So if you've got ideas for Julie, Dwarf!mom, Gay Mobster, Marco the Pharamacist, and Wilson's divorce lawyer...keep 'em on ice for awhile.

It’s never too late to read, comment, worship, rec, or pimp.