July 3rd, 2007

Tidbits and Tattletales

Today's entry in the free goodies being given away at the BART Station:


Sample packs of Advil Liqui-Gels--(OK, I didn't say they were GOOD drugs.)

A story from yesterday's Chronicle which immediately made me think of Que Sera Sera .


When I was recounting Sunday's fun at the Mint, I forgot to mention a stop by from one of my cousins. He was in the neighborhood with his young son and knew where I could be found. Mostly he wanted to lean on me to go to a Family Reunion that I have absolutely NO INTEREST in attending, especially since it will require a plane ticket and other expenditures.

Plus I've got a bit of a beef with this particular cousin, as the new son is the product of his dumping his wife a few years back and getting involved with (of course) a younger woman. Just to add to the soap opera factor, said wife then proceded to die of breast cancer.

I don't know when I got annoyed by this kind of behaviour (wife dumping, not dying of cancer) but the fact that I'm now theoretically old enough to be dumped for a younger woman might have something to do with it.

Update on the Regina's daughter soap opera...I got a text message on Sunday saying "MY DAUGHTER GOT MARRIED YESTERDAY."

Turns out the wench waited until she knew mom was going to be camping with Deb and some of the kids in Maine and then said "If you want to come, you can."

Regina wound up listening to the service on speaker phone and I'm thinking this is the modern equivalent of Stella Dallas, but that Regina is better off in Maine with people who care about her.

Internet life is a soap opera too.

I'm not going to say much about YOU KNOW WHAT (and if you don't know, you're better off) except that I'm glad it all boiled up and simmered down over the weekend, when I'm usually not checking on LJ, because if I had been, I probably would have dived in to the fray and lived to regret it.

It looks like the whole thing didn't make Fandomwank .
I guess it wasn't as exciting as THIS TIDBIT . So either we dodged bullett or we have to try harder, depending on how you look at it.


And for your viewing pleasure: karaokegal, Lowell and some bougainvillea.

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