August 1st, 2007

All I wanna do, is have some fun...

I am sorry to say that fun is not being had at the Desk Of Doom today.

I knew it was going to be a not fun day yesterday when I came in from the gym with one minute to spare and there was Bubble (my regional manager) sittiing in my office. I was wearing my sneakers. It wasn't as bad as the Crocs, but folks, I just don't look that good first thing in the AM. I was wearing a skirt and was able to fake presentably shortly after arrival.

Bubbles was there to give us details of an account review where people, admins in particlar said bad things about me and Tobie. Apparently they're not feeling enough love from us.

There was also a conference call which was such a tedious nightmare I won't bore you with the details except to say that Melissa (who is sort of the head of travel for the Law Firm, but not really) used the expression "We're trying to get our arms around it," at least five times. Luckily she wasn't in the room with us as Bubbles, Tobie and I couldn't resist making large gestures to demonstrate what she wanted to do.

After the conference call Bubbles hung around to work on her Blackberry and observe us and more or less give me agita by keeping me from logging on to check email or post.

We went to lunch so she could present me with the details of my yearly employee review, which I already knew was OK cause I got the big ol 2 1/2 percent raise.

By this time we were totally swamped because of being off the phones for all the BS.

Right now my "not fun" project is trying to get some guy his retro-active miles on Cathay Pacific because he's waiting many months to actually fill out a profile and I didn't have his damn mileage number when he took the trip and now it may be too late.


I'll be doing a couple of other posts today. More interview questions. More music. More Barrow-mania etc.

Johnnie Ray Sampler

As Dexy's Midnight Runners once said, "Poor old Johnnie Ray sounded sad upon the radio / he moved a million hearts in mono."

Johnnie was an awesome singer and song stylist and major, major star just before Elvis broke through.

He was also somewhat openly bi-sexual and suffered for it in his life and career.

More info here Johnnie Ray International Fan Club site

and here Wicki knows all

Here are some songs that I'm posting for drunken_hedghog, but please feel free to share the love.

Cry His biggest hit!

Walking My Baby Back Home My favorite version of this song (sorry Nat "King" Cole). I love doing this for Karaoke, especially when I sing, "Just when I try to straighten my tie-a, she wants to borrow my comb."

Just Walking In The Rain

Glad Rag Doll

Such A Night Much better, and hotter than the Elvis version.
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Holy Shit!

Came home and turned on CNN to watch Anderson Cooper and just found out about the bridge in Minneapolis. Jeeze. If anyone is in that area or has loved ones, I hope everyone's ok.

It reminds me of the Bay Bridge falling in the Loma Prieta quake. It sounds like they have absolutely no idea why this happened. Scary.

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