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September 2nd, 2007

I finished reading a book today.

This didn't used to be a such a big deal, but since House/Hugh/LJ/smut/fanfic/JB etc took over my life--mostly I'm reading/writing fanfic or reading my old New Yorkers. Somehow book reading has fallen by the wayside which as a writer and daughter of a writer and relative of many other writers is not a good thing.

Anyway, I finished reading "Yes Man" by Danny Wallace. I loved Danny as Dave Gorman's side kick, and his book "Join Me," was also delightful. Reading Danny is a great way to get myself into "British" space to write UK based fanfic and he tells a great true story as well. So funny and self deprecating, you really want to cuddle him unmercifully.

I think the next one I'll tackle is "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell. I loved "Tipping Point" beyond measure and still think in those terms when assessing phenomena. His New Yorker articles are always a wild ride starting in one place, then going somewhere totally unrelated and ending up by getting them together to make a cogent point.

Yesterday I got my goddess nails done and a pedicure. When I got to the Kathy's there was no one else there, so I had Man, Kathy and Louis all to myself working on my nails and footsies. Divine decadence, darling, but sheer bliss. I even sprang for a ten minute foot/leg massage. Louis has some seriously killer massage hands. I love that kid.

I have three stories out at Beta, so I took a day off from writing to recharge the batteries before getting back to my Halloween costume (the one I started in January.) Caught up on LJ although it took almost all day. With a three day weekend and NOT doing it at all on Friday--if I didn't get caught up, I'd be behind to a freak-outishly large extent.

Went to the movies with hubby to see Hairspray, for my 2nd time. Lovelier, the second time around. Queen Latifah is a fuckin' force of nature my friends and what can you say about John Travolta and Christopher Walken together, but squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

We bough the sound track at Borders and came home to veg out the rest of the evening on DVD's.

(Hubby JUST NOW noticed that I'm wearing a silk nightie thing the same color as my nails -- a Capri color called "Nirvana," dark, dark, red.)

OK, we're heading out to brunch and errands.



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