September 17th, 2007


Another Wacky Weekend! Movie, Torchwood, Running, Karaoke

After I posted yesterday, I took a much-needed shower and went back to bed. I do a lot of my mental writing in that sort of nether-world between awake and asleep and I’m juggling about four different chain-saws in my head right now. I didn’t wake up until 12:30PM, at which point I figured, enough is enough, time to get up and stay up.

We eventually got out for brunch at Maverick. I had poached eggs over a duck confit hash with mushroom cream sauce. Froofy, but gooooood, and I was starving. While eating I read hubby a very cool article from a February New Yorker about origami. We were planning to see a movie at the Roxie, but had time to kill, so afterwards we walked over to Flax, which is this incredible art supply store on Market at Valencia and naturally bought a bunch of origami books, paper etc. So far hubby has made a dog and I dismally failed to make a duck.

The movie was called 12:08 East Of Bucharest and it’s a Romanian movie, with subtitles. It’s a “comedy” and there were some moments that made me LOL, but it’s also got some fairly serious stuff and it’s hardly in the “feel-good” category. It does NOT make me want to go to Romania anytime soon, but it did make me think a lot about what is and isn’t a revolution and how people go on after one.

New York Times review


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Anyway, I went home, hung with hubby, worked on various fics and headed out for Karoake. It was a nice, mellow Karaoke crowd. Me, Sebastian, Rockin’ Vince, Sammy Jo, Daddy Dave and my fellow kinkster, David. I got out the notebook and wrote the first few paragraphs of one of my costume fics.

Song list (including notation for songs I do as part of Barrow-mania)
Glad All Over-Dave Clark Five
Just One of Those Things (JB)-Frank Sinatra
Springtime For Hitler (JB)-The Producers
I had to try it just once and I was doing OK, until the part where Hitler actually shows up and I just couldn’t pull it off.
Moody Blue-Elvis Presley
Heaven Knows-Grass Roots.

Came home with sushi and watched “Pan’s Labyrinthe” picked by hubby who had declared that “The Rounders” which I had gotten from Netflix looked “depressing.”

I invite anyone who has seen both movies to tell me which one would you consider more of a toe-tapper. Luckily, I was on-line chatting, working on fic and playing Cubis and mostly NOT paying attention, except when I’d look up and something horrific was happening in Spanish.

Anyway---back at the Desk of Doom and desperate to catch up especially on the ficwriters_anon challenge.

Now all I need is for the phones to stop ringing and Miss Snoopy Nose to mind her own beeswax.

Work-related happy dancing!

Which is actually kind of pathetic.

I just called a hotel in Charlottesville, VA where I've been trying to get one of my attorneys confirmed for two weeks. Basically today was the last day to either get this thing confirmed or cancel the back-up. I called this morning-still not available. Decided to give it one last shot and then cancel the two nights I DID have confirmed...and they confirmed the nights I needed.
This is after being told as recently as this morning that there were still 10 people ahead of him on the waitlist. Either a lot of people just canceled or....god protects drunks, fools and travel agents.

I consider this a tribute to my dad, who told me never to take "no" for an answer.

EMMY RANT!!!! (Sorry for the spamming today!)

I had totally forgotten that I needed to come here and say very, very loudly... WHAT THE FUCK!!!!. Thanks to girlie_girl_23 for reminding me.

I got the news while chatting on gmail last night because I was TiVoing the ceremony to zap through tonight.

I KNEW Hugh wasn't going to win, because everything I read everywhere said "Gandolfini,Gandolfini,Gandolfini," which kind of made sense, even if it sucked in light of Hugh's work in the last season. Whatever else we might feel about what was done to the characters, you cannot deny the power of his work starting with Meaning and Cane and Able, through the intensity of the Tritter arc, especially MLC and Finding Judas. That said---Gandolfini would still be acceptable, in a way that Keifer Sutherland last year totally WAS NOT!

But James Spader? James Fucking Spader? In Boston Legal? Bff Jennifer loves the show and I've heard good things, but how does that beat Hugh and James Gandolfini and even Dennis Leary?

Don't even get me started on three consecutive years of RSL's work being completely over-looked.

I love that Hugh keeps winning the Golden Globe, but there's something about this bull-shit that doesn't sit well me with at all. Do you think it's some kind of anti-Brit thing? Does he make it look too easy? Are the Emmy voters all disgruntled House/Wilson shippers? Is he submitting the wrong episodes? Explain this to me, people.

Conspiracy theories and paranoid bitching are always welcome.

Last post today...I promise.

Either I need to just stop answering calls on Mondays or you guys need to stop posting so much between the time I leave here on Friday and the time I start catching up on Monday.

Just gotta print out a few fics and then I'm off on "Mission Magazine!"