October 31st, 2007

kari and skeleton

HALLOWEEN PARTY POST!!!! The fun starts now!

Thank you laurab1 for the lovely banner.

Welcome to 2nd annual "Come As You're Not" Fanfic Halloween Party.

Here’s Elvis Presley to welcome you to the party.

And just for you, daisylily, It's time to do the Monster Mash

Help yourself to yummies: chicken fingers and honey mustard dressing, veggie kabobs, a vast collection of dim sum from The Red Lantern.

vanillafluffy brought her panini maker so we’ve got sandwiches made with nokkelost as well as other cheeses and cold cuts, not to mention portobello mushrooms and eggplant.

For your sweet teeth, the Chelsea Drugstore provides Ghiradelli chocolate of all types from milk to dark and Curly Wurly’s, Redvines, Jelly Bellys, candy corn, and all the Harvest Mix goodies.

Visit the open bar with cute bartenders of both sexes. We have the makings of any drink you want including Shirley Temples, Advocaat Snowballs, and of course enough Diet Coke to keep you guys awake all week.

Brain bleach and Retcon will be available should you feel the need to forget anything you’ve seen or done.

And now, the reason we’re all here: THE COSTUMES

Please post to your own LJ and then comment here as follows with your link.

Characters or Pairing:
Word Count-
Notes for warnings, spoilers, loving on your Beta, etc.
Why it’s a costume:

You're also welcome and encouraged to crosspost to applicable comms. (Let's go trick or treating.)

We’ve got a week to post and read these fics, although I suspect most will go up in the first 24 hours. BE GENEROUS WITH YOUR COMMENTS. Please comment directly to the writers's LJ, not in the comment chain.

Let me know if you used a karaokegal song lyric prompt so I can give you your extra candy corn.

Special Invitation:
The moderators of ficcommentary invite all Costume Writers to an After-After Party. Really proud of your fic? Struggled with it? Wish you did something different? Had a blast?

Awesome. We're inviting everyone to write a commentary on their story. It's a free for all. Afterward, we're going back to a once-a-week format. Cookies and music are being offered as well.

The bar is open, the cops have been paid off, the neighbors are "taken care of" so let's party.