November 6th, 2007


Running on Empty

(Because Born To Run and Running Up That Hill have both been over-done.)

On Sunday, I did the US Half Marathon

That’s 13.1 miles.

No, I didn’t “run” it in any meaningful sense of the word. I alternated jogging and walking based on my iPod. Walk a song. Jog a song. Walk a song. Etc. So the times of the jogs and walks were completely random based on the shuffle function and my eclectic taste in music.

It took me about 3 hours and 40 minutes and, as you can imagine, two days later, my knees and ankles aren’t really happy with me. The fact that I didn’t stretch before or after doesn’t help.

I know some of you find the idea of jogging around the block fairly odious, never mind subjecting myself to the hills of San Francisco. Oh yeah, the hills. The first time I did this run, they had us use the stairs under the Golden Gate Bridge to do the turnaround. I did it two years ago and I’d forgotten than instead of the stairs, we used the gnarly hill under the bridge. God I hate that hill!

So, some of you are thinkng, Why the hell would anyone do this. And certainly why would they do it more than once?

Part of it is just a attempt to outrun time and my genetic predispostion to blimpitude. I’ll never be a gazelle, but my delusion is that if I keep moving, it’ll never come to actually painting “Goodyear” on my butt.

And then there’s the goodies! I know it’s not actually FREE STUFF since presumably it’s all covered by the registration fee, but for any major race, aside from the t-shirt and the finishers medal (for ½ and full marathons) you get a bag of stuff at the expo.

Did I mention that I had my race-bib personalized with my username?

Anyway, because it amuses me, here as I sort through them, are the contents of the goodie bag I picked up on Saturday:

A whole bag of nutritional supplement samples from Natrol including: Lean Mass Complex in Cinnamon Oatmeal flavor, Omega 3 fish oil, papaya enzyme, melatonin, and, my favorite, Laci Le Beau Super Dieter’s Tea

A small bottle of WIN High performance detergent. “Eliminates Embedded Seat & Odor”

Matrix Men EnerGel. (It’s hair goop, not Viagra, by the way.)

Goody Elastic Hair ties.

Brochure from The Pita Pit

Brochure from Odwalla

A Fun Pack of discounts offer for Pier 39

A packet of Propel Vitamin Enhanced Water Beverage Mix.

$5.00 savings certificate for “Soy-joy.”

A publication called “Competition” which included an add for Pearl Izumi running shoes. Nearly a whole page of text talking about how joggers are “endangering” the sport of running. Their website is, if anyone’s interested.

Oodles of flyers for upcoming runs:

Rock n Roll ½ Marathon-San Jose-October 5, 2008

Rock N Roll Marathon-San Diego-June 1-2008

OC Marathon-June 1-2008

10K run for Arctic Awareness (did that one last year) May 3, 2008

Rock N Roll Arizona-January 13-2008

Surf City USA –Marathon and ½-February 1 – 3 -2008

And two team flyers for all you disease fans.

Right now there’s a lot of training groups that do fundraising for diseases.
AIDS Marathon, Team In Training (Leukemia), Joints in Motion (Arthritus) etc.
All great causes, although the fund-raising can be very intimidating and TNT is especially cult-like, but somehow I can’t see wanting to train with either Crohn’s & Colitis Team Challenge or Pancreatica Pacesetters.