November 9th, 2007


Post-party depression and other stuff. (Kind of long, but lots of cuts.)

Let's just say I've been listening to Amy Winehouse today and she makes a lot of sense.
More info on the oil spill in today's San Francisco Chronicle

After the highs of my birthday and Halloween, I’m in a bit of a funk. Well at least I’m wearing the cranky-pants. Or in my case the cranky-Crocs, black jeans and a very faded Deco Gecko sweatshirt in honor of the Maui trip I’m not going on next week.

If anybody wants to say anything about my attire, they are cordially invited to BITE ME!

Not only am I not going to Maui next week, I’m not even getting vacation time. Since I had let Bubbles, the regional manager know that Maui was off, she asked me to give up my vacation time because they don’t have enough bodies to staff all the on-sites in the region. Bubbles and I go way back and she more-or-less used our “friendship” to guilt-trip me. In the cold light of day this is some serious bullshit. If hubby hadn’t been an idiot and broken his arm, she would have had no choice but to find some way for me to go because I wouldn’t have been willing or able to give it up.

The company is actually going pay me for the vacation time, which is a reflection of pure desperation.

I can only hope this amount of abuse will pay off in the future when I need something, or if I commit an error so heinous it would warrant firing me and she won’t be able to because she owes me. Of course getting fired would be the best thing that could happen to me as if would force to me to find something else to do that makes me less miserable. At this point I’m not even looking for happy.
House-babble for Mirror Mirror. Yeah, I'm late. I was a little busy that week. (Cut for spoilers.)
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House-babble for “Whatever It Takes” (Cut for spoilers)
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Torchwood babble for Random Shoes-NO SPOILERS

Here’s the babble: I liked it. I thought it was very moving. So obviously, with the heavy emotional stuff still to come, I don’t hate Gwen.

I don't know why I don't hate Gwen. I just haven't seen enough evidence that I should.

Food and body stuff.
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Still reading Halloween fics.
Struggling a bit with my Yuletide assignment.
I’ve got Dr. Who series three, so I’ll probably spend most of the weekend watching that, so I know what happened before Blink, and I can see all the bits that Sci-fi channel cut out of the final three eps.

I still wish I were going to Maui!