November 11th, 2007

Sultry Bitch

Barrow-mania: Just found an old radio interview.

This is Post-series 1 Doctor Who, with no mention of Torchwood. It's when John was in rehearsal for A Few Good Men and about to do his first cabaret show.

Typical cheeky, adorable, giggly JB, including the erroneous info that he would be in DW series 2 and mention of his knickers.

The link to JB's interview is at the bottom of the page.

(If you've all heard this one already, just ignore me.)
All Out of Love

My F-list rocks.

Just back from the Mint where I was joined by the delightful hannahorlove who looked fetching in her "Everybody Lies" t-shirt and brought me belated birthdy cupcakes as well as a red coffee mug.

I managed to inch a little farther forward in my yuletide fic.

Sebastian and Peggy were there as well and Daddy Dave was sporting a truly unfortunate pornstache. My "John" song for the night was "All Out of Love." The new album has given a bunch of new options for my JB repetoire.

I also sang "Thunder Road," "Redemption Song," and hit the perfect Karaoke confluence when my take-out Sushi arrived just as Daddy called my turn again so I was able to knock them dead with "Baby I Need Your Lovin'" before heading home to feed hubby.

I got a package from haldane as a result of the gift meme. I can't divulge ALL the contents, but I can reveal that at next year's party, drinks will be serviced with Australia-shaped ice cubes.

Ms. K has two new fics up at omni_fiction including the most crackalicious Capt. Jack coat!fic ever.


OMG-Freihoffer's! Two boxes of Freihoffer's chocolate cip cookies from my darling babykid528.

One of my happier memories of French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, a camp I went to in the early 80's was our trips into Binghamton and the opportunity to buy Freihoffer's cookies.

Thanks sweetie!

Thanks to fallen_arazil for my spiffy new userpic. Part of my birthday present. The gift that keeps on giving.


And a shout-out to hllangel who is such a committed Barrow-maniac that she's gotten her concert tickets and is going to Cardiff. She asked me to go and there is just no way. If he plays anywhere in the US, hell, anywhere in North America, I'm there. But crossing the country and the pond? Bit much for my miserably employed, happily married self.

"Confession" The Daily Show RPS Jon/Stephen NC17 Wordcount 1575

Title: Confession
Fandom: The Daily Show/The Colbert Report RPS
Pairing: Jon/Stephen
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 1575
Started over a year ago when I first got into the fandom and was struck by all the niceness
THIS IS NOT A NICE FIC! Contains Catholic!Stephen, Bad!Jon, verbal abuse, dubious consent, mentions of wives and family members, Catholic liturgy. And probably OOC-ness to boot.

Collapse )