November 12th, 2007


Just between some of us---a few things.

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What do writers really want in a beta?
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Topics for discussion:
How much honesty do you want from your beta and how sugar-coated does it need to be?

What is the beta's function in your story life? Would you take a plot suggestion, change a phrase, give up your commas?

Do you think writers make bad betas for the reason described above?

How do you feel about working with tracked changes? There was also an issue of my not being able to explain how they could accept or reject the tracked changes in word because they were working in another country and the pull-down list looked different.

ETA: I've unlocked this post. The visit went fine and I'm hoping the future will not go the way of the past. Plus I want this post available so I can explain Full Metal Beta to potential beta-ees.
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