November 15th, 2007

The vacation that wasn't.

You can make me sit here. You can’t make me work. There’s really no good reason for me to be here. We’re not that busy. Tobie could probably handle it. The only reason I’m here is that our contract with the Law Firm stipulates that there have to be two full-time agents.

So I’m not doing a hell of a lot. I mean I’m answering phones and working from emails, but I’m not jumping on every call and I’m not really giving a damn about much of anything.

For instance, I got a call last night that one of my problem children arrive at Narita (Tokyo) airport and naturally the limousine wasn’t there. Since he had managed to get himself to the hotel, I refused to get into a major tizzy. I sent an email to the hotel which had arranged the transfer and within an hour I got a call from from Japan basically saying “Oops”.

Did I mention that I’m nibbling on Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark? Makes the world much easier to bear.

So I’m doing a lot of LJ reading, web-surfing, fic-reading. I've pretty much read and commented on ALL the Halloween fics, with maybe one or two still outstanding. DAMN, you guys are all freaking amazing.

What I’m not doing a lot of is writing. Last year in Maui, I wrote nearly nonstop including most of my yuletide fic and some other giftfics. I even composed the better part of this Wilson/House non-con while riding a bicycle down Mount Haleakela the morning after Son of Coma Guy. Somehow the Desk of Doom isn’t as conducive to creativity as the sound of waves and a lanai.

I wound up finishing a fic that I'd started when I first got into the Daily Show RPS fandom. I knew it wouldn't be everybody's thing and I did some pretty strong labeling. Not surprisingly it wasn't exactly a comment champ which is fine, but I did get this Collapse )

One of the more interesting comments I've gotten since I received a lecture on BDSM "ethics" in relation to a H/W drabble I wrote for mmom last year where Wilson considered tying House up.

So far I’ve been to the gym three out of four days, which is pretty good.

Hubby’s home because he still has his vacation time. We’ve been going through the Dr. Who 3rd series DVD’s, especially the extras. David Tennant’s video diaries are beyond adorable, especially when JB shows up and they’re like all happy and giggly together. OMG-John’s dogs in his trailers. So sad because two of them passed on this year. What could possibly be more perfect than a gorgeous show-tune singing gay man who loves dogs?

I’ve also managed to hear the “censored” commentary on LOTL. Much love to michelleann68 my JB "dealer" who provides me with at least one fix a day, lest I turn into a gibbering, detoxing lunatic.

The only thing better than a gorgeous show-tune singing gay man who loves dogs is one who calls George W. Bush an idiot.

We finish the evening by watching Countdown and god bless Keith Olbermann for pointing out EVERY TIME that the name of the party is Democratic, NOT Democrat. We love you Keith!