November 16th, 2007

So lost

Record Review: Another Side-John Barrowman

First of all, I love John. I love John’s voice. I think he’s an amazing singer and 99% of the time I would listen to him sing anything. If he plays anywhere in the US or North America, I will get there to see him. Aside from him getting to San Francisco, my current dream venue would be Las Vegas.

My favorite thing about this album is how many of these songs I already love, especially the ones that hail from the 70’s. It makes me very happy that JB is only three years younger than me, rather than the 10 or so that he appears. And that he’s not afraid to show his cheesy, schmaltzy side. There is more to life than Sondheim and Cole Porter. Sometimes you need a bit of Velveeta in your life.

Some critical analysis, some fan-girly squeee-age.

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So everybody should definitely go out and buy it. Buy many, many copies. Give John a big hit in the states so he will come here and do shows and I can see him. We’ll all meet up in Vegas. See ya there.

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