November 19th, 2007

All Out of Love

Today's adventue in Barrow-mania

So my hair looked like shit today. Cause, you know, I didn't wash it this morning. Just couldn't deal with it. Threw it in a scrunchy, sprayed some hair goop around, walked to work. By 2:30PM, I still wasn't hungry, but I needed to take a break, so I walked up to Kearney street for some Blow.

That would be Blow at 224 Kearny Street. "We Blow and we Blow really well."

In other words, a wash and a blow out. Unfortunately they charge by the inch (because size does matter) so this cost a little more than the base rate of $15.00 for someone who isn't sporting as much hair as I am. But it was great. Nice shampoo, scalp massage and attentive drying. The whole mess is much silkier, shinier, straighter etc.

But I had come with the idea of recruiting for the cult in mind. I got my opening when I spotting the offending "Sexiest Man Alive" issue of People Magazine, with Matt Damon on the cover. So I went into my spiel. "Oh please? Matt Damon? I don't think so. George Clooney? Sure. Brad Pitt, sometimes. But Matt Damon? And you know who's really the sexiest man alive and isn't even there?" At this point the proprietress, Sharin as well as Erica, the nice girl who did my hair were either avid to hear the answer or wondering if they could call the cops without tipping me off.

So I spring the punchline-Have you ever heard of John Barrowman?-and go into the whole-Torchwood, Dr. Who, West End, blah blah blah. And then, I bring out the Audio-visual equipment, my Ipod and set them up to watch the BBCA Podcast interviews, while I hot-foot it down the block to get some money from the ATM so I can tip Erica because they have a cash only policy on the tips.

By the time I get back, Sharin is ON THE BRINK. To push her over the edge, I have her go to You Tube. I was thinking of having her watch All Out of Love, but decided that Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, is much more visceral.
Once that was over, I knew we had another convert.

She shoots; she scores!

Sharin was somewhat disappointed by him being gay, but I'm like WHO CARES? It's not like he was heading over here to shtup you personally either way. (I also could have mentioned the way he keeps teasing us in his interviews.) She kept pointing out the Tom Cruise resemblance, but saying that John seemed much saner.

I gave her the viewing info for Torchwood and told her I'd be back next week to discuss further and get another Blow.

Do I win something?