November 27th, 2007

I'm writing at work

Which is unusual. Hasn't happened for a while. Usually I use work to read LJ, print fic, do beta and you know, sometimes work, which is what I'm really supposed to be doing.

But-I have a gift!fic in the works, and I was on the treadmill at the gym this AM and the words started coming. I'm terrified to lose them, so in between calls and LJ and doing Beta, I'm writing.

And-I also need to do an update post or things are seriously going to get away from me. I should be going to lunch and snoopy co-worker is going to get in my face about that any minute.

P.S.-Fic writer who will not be named and hopefully isn't reading this: I'm on your side. I'd love to read some hot Jack/Gwen. Trust me, having him call her "Kitten," isn't it.

The Turkey, Psycho-sis

When we last left karaokegal, right about , HERE she had just realized that she was going to have to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving, something that hasn't happened in this decade, that's for sure.

I decided to treat the damn thing like a big chicken. Hey, it's got wings, legs, breasts, right? This wasn't one of those corporate turkeys with a pop up button either. This was a happy, organic, but still dead turkey. Needs more TLC apparently. Basically I threw a bunch of tomato juice, water, herbs and spices on the bird and left it in there for two hours and then splashed a half can of chickon broth on it let it go another hour. After that I turned off the oven and let it sit until the oven cooled. Took it out and let it cool by itself for at least another 45 minutes. Put it in the fridge. Went to bed.

Got a lot of work done on yuletide while this was going on. My yuletide fic, which I can't tell you too much about in case my recipient is out there, is going to be vastly longer than last year and is in a fandom that might actually get read. On the other hand...well, I can't tell you. Stay tuned till after Christmas.

Hubby arrived home from work at about 7AM. We watched You Don't Want To Know (last weeks House episode for those of you who managed to brain-bleach it out of your consciousness), which he liked. Guys, I need to tell you something that grieves me mightily. My husband likes Camer-clone. He thinks she's pretty. Prettier than Cameron. And he doesn't even think she's a Camer-clone. He's a really cool guy in many ways, aside from the recent skateboard incident, but I may have to consider divorce.

While hubby was sleeping, I did some writing, LJ chatted and had a long coffee session at Cafe Petra with my friend Donatello who dropped by to return a CD and some DVDs.

Around 4-5-6-ish, I broke down the turkey into parts and wrapped them up in a lot of tin foil. We packed the whole shebang, including stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes from Bi-rite in a bunch of saddle bags and headed out on the motorcycle to Pyscho-sis's place. Along the way, I uttered those fate-ful words "Does she have butter?" which necessitated a run to Safeway on Potrero hill.

Psycho-sis was fairly well behaved and we all bonded over some Captain Jack love as I'd brought over the DVD with Empty Child and The Doctor Dances.
It took FOREVER to get a player set up though. The one attached to her TV set wasn't working and her computer was fairly screwed up too. You could really feel the stress with Hubby trying to get things working and her whining. Her whine could shatter glass.

Hubby managed to get it working, and I heated everything up in the microwave over and there was Thanksgiving Dinner. Not sure how good it actually tasted, but the mashed potatoes and OMG curried sweet potatoes were incredible. Apparently a turkey is actually different than a big chicken.

I stuffed myself while making up the plates and felt fairly nauseated, but it got done.


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Fun, fun, fun...Karoake, hllangel, more karaoke and dinner.

Having cooked the turkey and put up with Psycho-sis, I earned the right to go to the Mint on Friday afternoon where my friend David was having a party to show off his new boyfriend or he likes to call him "Boy." Yeah, it's that kind of a relationship and David definitely wants to make sure we all know about it.

Anyway, I had a good time with David and The Boy and the boys. Sang a bunch of songs, including All Out of Love, Sunset Boulevard, and some other stuff.
OH I remember. It was soooo cool. I sang All That Jazz, from Chicago, which I kick ass on, thank you very much, then David sang Razzle Dazzle and Titus switched his song to Mr. Cellophane. Show-tune freaks will appreciate that.

The next day was the much-heralded arrival at Chez Karaokegal of the lovely hllangel, who came bearing gifts such as John Barrowman's new album as well as a "Captain Jack" book with lovely pictures. She also brought her Captain Jack and Doctor (Ten) action figures.

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And then home for CJH