November 28th, 2007

Company Time

WTF-ery from the Desk Of Doom

Client has me make reservation for two nights at resort property somewhere in Southern California. Client checks in, at which point he would have been told-"We show you reserved for two nights." Client leaves after only one night, BUT doesn't bother to check out. Doesn't do the on-line thing in his room. Doesn't go to the front desk and pay up, so that the hotel knows he's gone. Just leaves. Then gets huffy because hotel is charging his credit card for two nights.

He calls admin. Admin calls me. I call hotel. They will refund the 2nd night IF I can get some kind of receipt showing he was anywhere else but the area where the hotel is.

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Final chapter of Thanksgiving Weekend report.

So we watched Captain Jack Harkness with the expected amount of squeeeee-ing and sobbing, and then put in the DVD for The Christmas Invasion with the "Inset" commentary by Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson, because what could be better than Russell trying to keep a party hat on his head for nearly an hour?

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Then we put on the Niners game. The Niners Won! The fucking Forty-Niners actually won a game. In over time. Whooooo-hooooo. And the Raiders won too.

So once again, thanks hllangel for gracing us with your presence on such a stellar afternoon and for a fabulous weekend in general. Despite a few nerves on my part, the visit went off with a minimum of drama.

(And much love to hubby for putting up with both of us in full JB Squeeeeee-mode.)

Not much to say about being back at work except the usual-IT SUCKS!