November 29th, 2007


Katie Jacobs talks about Cameron and Cammerclone

You may need a barf-bag and/or wish to refer Katie to a good drug rehab program based on your individual biases. (With a spare room for Mr. Ausiello.)

From TV Guide Editor's Blogs:
(Here's the link to the whole shebang:

On the surface, it would seem like Jennifer and Olivia's characters serve the same purpose: They're both ridiculously hot young doctors harboring a crush on House. Is it fair to say that there will be some tension between the two?

Jacobs: I didn't know that people thought Thirteen had a crush on House.

Well, it seems pretty obvious that she's drawn to him. And vice-versa.

Jacobs: He's drawn to her strength. And I think she calls him on what he sees. But there are layers of who Thirteen is that have not been revealed yet. She's very different from Cameron, and I can only speak about their backstory. You know, Cameron is a person who feels the compulsive need to heal. She's attracted to the most wounded characters, as evidenced by the fact that she married someone who was dying. Thirteen is hidden, and hasn't yet revealed very much about herself. She doesn't really want to look into the future, and House finds that enormously compelling. So, to me, they're both different. They are both beautiful, however. That much is true.