November 30th, 2007


So about this "flagging" thing...


Every time I try to look at the LJ NEWS post, it totally freezes my screen and crashes me out of Explorer. Is this happening to anybody else?

The only thing I really want to know is if I can see who might have flagged me or vice versa? Is this thing transparent or Stasi-like?

Weekend Plans

Writing, writing, run, writing, writing, brunch, writing, writing, writing, writing, dinner, writing, Torchwood, writing, sex, writing, writing, writing, Hair day, Karaoke, writing.

MUST FINISH YULETIDE and would like to make serious headway on other projects. If I'm not around for a lot of G-mail chat or I totally owe you comments on a fic, that's why.

The apocryphal Dorothy Parker quote, I'd been considering here won't be quite accurate enough to justify the vulgarity.
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