December 1st, 2007

The Morning After-John/Jack crack!fic (No smut) PG13 400 words

Title: The Morning After
Fandom: Torchwood RPF
Characters: John Barrowman/Captain Jack, references to cast members and sig others.
Word Count: 400
Rating: PG13 for language
Notes/Warnings: Written for msp_hacker, who participated in my Eeeeevil Karaokegal 13/Ianto challenge and requested fic with Jack or John in it.
Based on the last question in this Interview , as well as some of John's other interviews.

Includes possible spoilers for Series 3 Dr. Who and Series 2 Torchwood and oh yeah, lots of crack!

Thanks to haldane and Beta Goddess Carol for the look-over and suggestions.

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