December 11th, 2007

Fandom meme

Since I missed most of the latest wank, maybe I can stir up a little shit here.

Ganked from sarahetc.

Comment here and ask me ANYTHING about any fandom I'm involved in/have been involved in. Controversial or innocent, silly or serious, ask and you'll get my honest opinion on the subject [to the best of my knowledge/ability]. General fandom questions are also allowed, but nothing about actual people IN fandom, please.

No tagging, but feel free to give it a go.

Year In Review Meme

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2007 (not including memes [and fic] of course). Post the first line/sentence of it in your journal, and that's your "Year in Review".

Ganked from kiwi_from_hell. All yours if you want it.

Heads Up! Perspi has finished her Costume Fic!

First of all, I am officially ON VACATION!

Apparently you can de-magnetize your Muni/Bart Fastpass by having it in your pocketbook with your Ipod, not just once, but now - TA DA - two months in a row.

Sadness for my Beta Goddess

House-babble for "Family."
Mostly I felt like this episode was a compendium of shout-outs to previous episodes.

Post MMOM party-Brain Bleach, Statistics and Thank You speech.

Happy Birthday to timbershiver.

I invited a few of the boys to come around...

I am sorry to say that fun is not being had at the Desk Of Doom today.

TV Guide September 3-9 2007 Torchwood Review/John Barrowman interview.

Birthday in a few weeks. October 23, if anyone's interested. I know everybody's really busy working on their fabulous costumes and I do not want to detract from that AT ALL.

Halloween-Real Life. I went to Oakland around four in the afternoon yesterday, naturally getting a bit lost on the way, and went to the place where Sebastian works.

Hubby's motorcycle has a girlfriend.
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Decisions, Decisions. What to run in 2008?

Things I could be doing right now:
1. Catching up on LJ.
2. Reading fic.
3. Writing fic.
4. Reading TWoP recaps of the first two episodes of Heroes, which I watched on Sunday.

Instead, let us contemplate running options for 2008, keeping in mind that I just don't think I have another full marathon in me. Training for 13.1 miles is tough but doable. Training for 26.2 is pretty much a full time job. I can write Novel 2008 or I can train for a full marathon and I really do intend to write Novel 2008.

I've already registered for The Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon on February 3, but I'm getting a lot of email for all the runs coming up during the year.

Here are some of the options.

February 17-Chinese New Year Run. 5K/10K. Last year I did this and wussed out after the 5-K, cos it was cold and raining and a hill totally kicked my ass. This year it's the Year of the Rat. Kind of appropriate.

March 16- Emerald Across the Bay

This is a 12-K formally known as Houlihans to Houlihans which goes from Sausalito to San Francisco and involves one seriously gnarly hill under the Golden Gate bridge. I've done this one for several years, only skipping once for rain. The shirt is nice because it's long-sleeved and the route is gorgeous because we go over the bridge. However the older I get the tougher that hill is and you have get up early and get bussed over to Sausalito.

May 18- Bay to Breakers You gotta love a run that has it's own Wicki entry. Basically a massive street party posing as a 12-K. I missed it last year because I was on the NY/Boston trip. Will probably do this year because I'm a San Franciscan and if I'm in the city, it's my right and responsibility.

August 3- San Francisco Marathon (1/2 Marathon)
The first time I tried to run the San Francisco Marathon, I didn't finish (because I hadn't trained properly) and it was devastating. I did complete it the following year. I did the 1/2 about two years ago. I might do it this year. That would give me an incentive to keep up my mileage after the February 1/2. The question would be which 1/2 to run. Last time I did the 2nd half, so I could end up at the big finish line downtown and get home easier, but that meant a lot of waiting around for the 1/2 to start at the 1/2 way mark of the Marathon. Hmmmmmmm.....

???? Wharf to Wharf. Usually the same week or the week before the San Francisco Marathon. Absolutely gorgeous run from Santa Cruz to Capitola by the Sea. I love doing this run. Hubby and I take the bike down to Santa Cruz on Friday night and have a day in Santa Cruz to kayak, do the boardwalk etc. Last time we even took a surf lesson. What I hate about this run is that the cheap hotels all totally price gouge because the damn thing is so possible. I kind of hate paying nearly 200.00 per night for a Travel Lodge.

???? Nike Marathon

The last full Marathon I completed was the Nike Marathon in (I think) 2003 or 2004. I honestly can't remember. I do know it nearly killed me. I'd really like to do the 1/2 for this one as it always falls very close to my birthday. This year, it should be the 26th of October. If I want to do it, I'll need to sign up as soon as registration opens as it always sells out quickly.