December 25th, 2007

YULETIDE LOVE/Christmas Eve report

I got a very lovely Four Weddings and a Funeral fic, which I highly recommend:

Now I'm trying not to have a Yuletide comment whore melt-down and remind myself that 1. People do have lives and it is, you know, Christmas. 2. There's a glitch over at yuletide that is inhibiting some of the email notifications of the comments. 3. It's about recipients, and they seem happy. 4. Because it's Christmas, I haven't crossposted the two fics I put up last night at my own LJ, so no-body outside of my F-list has access yet.

Genuflection to Beta Goddess Carol who has been spectacular as I've thrown fic after fic at her over the last two months and come back with notes and suggestions that made every single one better.

Special thanks to all my gmail chat buddies who've listened to me whinge and whine about my writing projects and life in general. Few more fics I want to work on in the next week. I'd reallyreallyreally love to get the Jeevesfic done since it's been in the hopper for a whole fucking year.

Extra special thanks to aithlyn for saving me from a canon error, especially embarassing for a self-styled canon-junkie.

The Chorus concert was fab as always. I thought it was at 730PM, but it was 7:00PM so we got there in time to not stand in line and still got good seats up in the balcony. My favorite was a song I'd never heard called "Christmas Conga" by Cindi Lauper, including a drag queen dressed as Cindi and two Carmen Mirandas. My friend Big Frank (Mint KJ) had a solo in the "Hallelujah From A Soulful Celebration," which is the Hallelujah Chorus arranged more "soulfully".

The last song was "There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays" and when you interpolate a little "San Francisco, Open Your Golden Gate," yours truly goes all ooey-gooey.

I broke out the Sherbet Lemon candies from the lovely haldane and they are OMG seriously yummy.

We came home and watched a French movie called Eight Women and hubby absolutely, vociferously hated it. This is quite unusual. If he likes a movie, I usually hear, "It was good. I liked it." If it's so-so, he'll say "It was ok." but this one, really got him into full-blown, "That was a piece of shit. It was insulting to women. I hated it." mode. YIKES!

I didn't think it was bad. It had beautiful French women, including Catherine Denueve, all kinds of bizarre musical numbers and hot, hate!sex f/f kissing between Catherine Denueve and an equally sexy Fanny Ardant. Whooo-hooooo. Maybe it's hard to tell if it's really funny/campy or trying to be serious and failing when you're watching in subtitles.

We're going to see Sweeney Todd later. That should be fun. It looks gorgeous out so we'll also take a walk by the Embarcadero.
Hot well written

Happy Birthday to fallen_arazil

Happy Birthday, Darling!

Thank you for brightening up my LJ life.

I love your ocassional scathing commentary on things sociological.

I worship your Userpic ability and all the fabulous icons you've done for me including the one that sums up the philosophy of the Chelsea Drugstore: Hot and Well-Written Trumps Everything.

Which leads to my utter adoration of you for putting yourself out there time and time again to accept requests that run the gamut of fandoms, pairings, het and gen with no concern for your personal preferences. It takes a truly generous, open-hearted individual to do that.

There is something shiny on the way for you, but right now it's still being polished up a bit.

Stay tuned and have a lovely, lovely day!
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