January 4th, 2008


Listen to the rhythm of the pouring rain...

Telling me just what a fool I've been.

In this case, I managed to leave my glasses in my locker at the gym. Since I've already gotten half-soaked walking from gym to work, I'm less than thrilled with the idea of running back out and finishing the job. BUT, the alternative is to work without my glasses and if you know how wrecked my vision is already, you know that isn't a really fabulous idea either.

Two dead umbrellas (the ones we got last year in Maui) in two days.
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Yuletide Reveal!!!

Shortly after this, I'm going to post my complete Boxed Set of Fanfic for 2007, which will include the same information, although with extended "liner notes." Plus there will also be a special pimp list of all the fics I posted over the holiday period. You know, just in case someone was away and managed to miss one of my gems. Looks like I picked the wrong year to stop being a comment crackwhore.

First of all, a reminder to read the heartwrenching, stunningly beautiful, Stop All The Clocks, the Four Weddings and a Funeral fic written for me by morganmuffle. She took my request and wrote it to perfection. (Thanks again, darlin')


Scenes From a Caper

Ocean's 11 fic written for for melissarae

Tons of fun to write, although terrifying as it grew and grew because I wanted to give everybody a little “moment.” Things got seriously weird when Donald Trump showed up.

It’s a long read with no slash, but if you like the movies, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Goodbye Means Goodbye


Written for ignazwisdom

A very angsty/UST-y fic with Hawkeye and B.J.

Emma's Friends

RPF-British Comedy (Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson)
Written for melpemone

For those who like my RPS series about Hugh and Bobby, but wish I'd be nicer to Stephen Fry, this might be the fic for you. It takes place during the filming of "Peter's Friends" and refers to lots of the "Cambridge Footlights" gang as well as other friends/lovers/spouses and co-stars. Kenneth Branagh is heavily featured and abused.

Keep your eyes open for a special uncredited cameo appearance.

Happy Birthday njzynj

A song dedication:

Hey old friend
are you ok old friend
what'll you say old friend
are we or are we unique
time goes by
everything else keeps changing
you and I we get continued next week
most friends fade
or they don't make the grade
new ones are quickly made
and in a pinch, sure they'll do
but us old friends
what's to discuss old friend
here's to us
who's like us
damn few

And some memories:

(Our little town.)


(Back when he was cool.)


Surprise oysters!

I never did get out to get my glasses, so god only knows what kind of damage I've done to my eyes and my career in the course of the day.

When I talked to Hubby, he suggested we go to Woodhouse Fish Company for oysters. I'd had the craving for a few weeks, but Hubby's been feeling yucky and there's no point eating oysters if you can't really enjoy them.

So we met at Woodhouse and had my perfect meal, the one I want when I get condemned to die and have to pick my last meal. A cup of clam chowder, twelve oysters on the half-shell and a glass of the do-it-yourself lemonade. The oysters were Fanny Bays. Mild and delicious.

Afterwards we went to Aardvark, a used bookstore on Church Street. Hubby got some camera and photography magazines and I picked up a copy of The Liar by Stephen Fry.

Then we went on a tour of fallen trees in our neighborhood, knocked over by the wind during the rainstorm that went on ALL FUCKING DAY. Some really big damn trees were absolutely pulled out of the side walk. Crazy ass shit.

Hubby recently got a new Nikon D80 digital camera and is in the middle of one of his periodic fits of shutter-bugginess. I don't mind but he does insist on pointing it at me and I'd rather he wouldn't. I'm a raving ego-maniac, but not a very photogenic one.

So now we've got ALL the remaining disks of the first season of Heroes and should be done by the end of the weekend.