January 20th, 2008


Hair day and other ramblings.

Rest in peace-Suzanne Pleshette
Goodbye you crazy-ass lunatic-Bobby Fischer
Congratulations-John McCain. I still think you've become an evil bastard for selling your soul to the Bush administration, but you did deserve some vindication after what happened in South Carolina in 2000.

It's so funny watching the coverage on MSNBC. Have you seen the look of bemused disbelief on Keith Olbermann's face whenever Chris Matthews goes off on some insane tangent or bizarre metaphor? (And where is my Olbermann/Matthews punditslash?) The funniest bit from yesterday is when Craig Crawford, who seems to be channeling Garrison Keillor on ludes half the time, compared Fred Thompson to General Zod.

I also like all the arcane political metaphors that come out during these campaigns. Stalking horse, anybody?

The only good reason to have Matthews around, is that he hasn't looked at the camera and done the whole "You, sir, are a traitor and should be shot at dawn," thing that Keith does with the special comments, so he can still talk to Giulianni, Romney, to do the interviews.
I think that Keith has a modicum of respect for McCain, but absolute visceral loathing for Rudy and Romney.

Hanging out in bed with the hubby, drinking Echinacea tea. I'm still not sure if I'm sick or how sick I'm going to be. I was ok most of yesterday, but when we tried to go to sleep, I got all congested and sniffly. Hubby wanted me to take Nyquil, but I generally won't do that because of the alcohol content.

Reading old New Yorkers and print outs of fanfic.

We watched Voyage of the Damned last night. Didn't hate it and didn't share most of the criticisms of those who did. Kylie-not looking so much the pop princess anymore, is she? I think I'm able to be more mellow about Who-verse happenings that do not involve Captain Jack. I love the Doctor, but I'm obsessed with Jack.

Technodork plea for help.
So I downloaded the new version of Explorer. And it's pissing me off. One of the things I really need to be able to do is cut and past URLs from the address box on top and with the new version I can't do it. I can highlight the URL, but when I click on Edit, it doesn't let me copy it. Any ideas?

Heading off to Sebastian's for hair day shortly. Gotta remember to dose up on benedryl due to Sebastian's devil cats, to which I'm hideously, horribly allergic. Hair day is pretty desperately needed right now. Nasty roots.

Progress being made on Novel 2008, although I'm still nervous about working toward 100,000 words vs the 8000 max that my fanfic life has been about for the last two years.

I hope I feel ok tomorrow, because I need to do my last long run before the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon on February 3.
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