February 4th, 2008

Make him stop whining

"No Harm" Torchwood fic Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Gwen, Jack/Gwen, NC17 Wordcount: 3440

Title: No Harm
Author: karaokegal
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Gwen, Jack/Gwen (Something to piss off everybody.)
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 3440
Spoilers through "To The Last Man."
Warnings: You give me apparent J/I schmoop, I write this.
Thanks to beta_goddess for quick turn-around and sharing my need to subvert canon.

Summary: Jack never saw it coming.

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Meme a day 2008-Day 35-The Invisible List

Ganked from girlie_girl_23

OK, I think this'll be fun.

I have an invisible list of 10 people - RL people, famous people, or fictitious characters - that are in my life. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned them all more than once.

YOUR JOB: to ask me questions about them to try to figure out who they are. They can be simple like, "is #2 male or female?" or "is #6 an actress?", or they can be like, "is #7 more attractive than #2?" or "who would you rather fuck if you were trapped in an elevator - #3 or #9?". This is so much fun. Ask as many or as little questions as you want. If you guess a # correctly, I'll edit the list and then give you credit.

1. Hubby - babykid528
2. Greg House - kimberweeme
3. John Barrowman - hllangel
4. Tobie - hllangel
5. beta_goddes hllangel
6. Cliff Richard - hllangel
7. Captain Jack Harkness- hllangel
8.James Wilson - hllangel
9. hllangel - hllangel
10. Sebastian - hllangel

Housebabble on hold and other stuff.

I'll do a double-babble after the episode tomorrow night.


I'm home in bed, trying to read some fic and then watch Countdown. My fic reading is way, way behind, so I'm cutting my flist down until I'm caught up. Mostly I'm going individual LJs instead of comms. If you think I need to read something, let me know. Don't worry about being a pain, or a self-aggrandizing comment whore. We self-aggrandizing comment whores need to stick together. If you've got an awesome, non-schmoopy, non-fluffy piece of smut in either the House or Dr. Who/Torchwood fandoms, let me know.


As some of you may know "Milk" is currently shooting in San Francisco, with Sean Penn as Harvey Milk and as I've just found out, Victor Garber (squeeeeeeee!) as George Moscone. Josh Brolin is playing Dan White.

There's an article in this weeks SF Weekly, where Ray Sloane who is gay and was Dan White's campaign manager tries to make the case that White wasn't a homophobe and not a closet case. He says that White admired and respected Milk until things went wrong over one issue.

The article is here: http://www.sfweekly.com/2008-01-30/news/white-in-milk/

On some level, it's an interesting argument and on another Who Gives A Fuck? Murder is murder. How much does it matter whether it was politics or homophobia?

Reading tea leaves on the TV guide cover-and ignoring the article, which is the usual inconclusive rubbish.

For those who haven't seen it's a picture of Hugh looking all debonair and smirky and holding the cane with the elaborate handle, and he's with Lisa E-seated and smoking a cigar, Olivia Wilde, looking a lot like ol' skool Cameron, and Jennifer, in a deep v-neck dress giving the camera her best sultry look and with her hand on Hugh's shoulder. Touching him.

My Spidey sense and the paranoid bitching of a paranoid bitch tell me that Dave&Katie still have a hot nut for their dream House/Cam hookup and if the strike gets settled, they will try to go there. This includes my pet theory that they're using a potential House/Thirteen romance to leverage Hugh into cooperating with House/Cam.

Afternoon and evening binge including Jelly Bellys and chocolate covered yummies. (Nuts, raisins, maltballs etc.) And then some deli nibbles. And then more candy.

That's enough of that.