March 28th, 2008

Anything Goes

More pre-trip rambling

Today, Steve told me he liked working with me. He said he'd been thinking about it and had come to this realization. This was actually kind of touching. I know I'm not the easiest person to get along with in a small office. I don't think Tobie was ever particularly happy to work with me and I never felt like she had my back. When you work at an on-site, it's like being in the trenches. A certain esprit d'corps is necessary. You need to know that if you screw up, the other person will cover for you as much as possible, and WE ALL SCREW UP!!!

Dianna and I got along pretty well, although she nicknamed me "Helen" for those times I would freak out and start flailing around like Helen Keller in the early scenes of of The Miracle Worker. Dean and I were soul-mates and I'd still love to work with him again, but having Steve say he actually liked working with me was kind of moving. I hope he gets to stay on the account.


Aside from writing, I'm going to try and do some reading on this trip besides just old New Yorkers.

I'm taking John Barrowman's autobiography for the plane trip, as well as some others:
Kiss Me Like a Stranger-Gene Wilder, Very Bad Deaths-Spider Robinson (I've been trying to read this for months), a Jeeves & Wooster book (in order to work on my Jeeves voice for the fic I'm writing) and a book of John Rechy essays.


We got a nice turn-out for Hubby's birthday dinner, which is a good way to start the vacation.


No high-speed tonight. :(