March 30th, 2008



My wonderful husband is 50 years old today!

This man puts up with so much from me and continues to make me feel loved and cherished. He's a great guy and I'm lucky to have him, and we're lucky to be here in Maui where he can sit out on the Lanai playing the Ukulele for me.

Please join me in wishing him a fabulous 50th!

Hello from Maui!

Some long travelogue stuff to come, but hubby will kill me if I spend too much time inside on the computer and the connection for the internet won't quite reach to the lanai.

THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who sent birthday greetings. He's really touched and quite impressed with the range of countries represented. (Besides, we want to keep him happy so he doesn't get pissed when I'm up till all hours writing smut!)

We're here! We're warm. (Don't hate me!) I got out for an hour run/walk this AM.

THIS is where we're staying.

And a few pictures behind the cut:

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