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April 13th, 2008

Warm, warm, warm!

Summer has arrived! I don't know if this will be our only heat-wave for the year or if this is supposed to make up for the heat-wave we never not last year, but I'm loving it right now. Not quite Maui warm, but ever so much better than that nasty arctic wind-chill I came home to last week. It's like the whole city and their dogs have been out enjoying it.

hllangel and kijikun came in almost directly from their UK flight to share lots of Squeeeeeeeeeeeee over the two John Barrowman concerts they saw in Cardiff and Nottingham. They brought some loot in the form of pins, the programme and of course a t-shirt featuring the Sultry Panther himself.

We went out for a walk along Dolores Park and up to Castro Street and seriously it was like one big street party.

I think hubby was a bit overwhelmed by the fangirlyness he was subject to at length. He's pretty good about that stuff, but we all kind of manic and crazy. I can see how it would A LOT if you're not as deeply into the Cult of Barrowman as we are.

They're already talking Panto for next year and I'm still praying for North America concert before then.

Anyway, this morning I'm down at Cafe Petra getting Dr. Who and sipping some mint tea. The Pho on Friday seems to have knocked out my cold, but now there's a shit-loat of allergens floating around from the heat and that's making me sneezy and sniffly all over again.

I did some hill running around Dolores Park yesterday as well and the Zippy the Pinhead 5-K is next week. Did I mention I'm suposed to do this the morning after a seder? A Full-Scale, No-Holds-Barred, Lubuvitcher Seder?

This is going to be fun.

Spam comments, WTF?

Ok, I know this is happening to everybody, where you think you're getting a comment on a fic or a post and it's some advertisement, but what is causing it to happen on This Fic? It's just a little House/Bonnie drabble.

I can figure out that real estate ad showed up because of the reference real estate, but how does that lead to Russian hookers, sex vidoes and hotmail?

Does one ad open the flood-gates? It's just weird. This is the ONLY fic (so far) that has gotten these.

It's just weird!


Fifteen Kisses-Whew!

Consolidated kiss post, containing all the responses to the Kissing Meme that I posted on Valentines Day.

I'm reposting the shorter ones for easier pimpage and linking to the ones that exceeded the space of a comment box. These were a blast to do, and some of the requests certainly challenged my creativity. Allow me to say again with the greatest of admiration that some of you are serious sick mofos and I love you for it.

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine!

Dr. Owen Harper/Dr. Robert Chase (Torchwood/House crossover) requested by vanillafluffy

Read more...Collapse )

Owen/Tosh-Torchwood-Requested by sarahetc, kimberweeme and silverfic.

Christmas Eve. In front of the Millenium Centre. Waiting for a cab. I had mistletoe.

Matthew/Gareth-Four Weddings and a Funeral-Requested by morganmuffle

Read more...Collapse )

Danny Messer/Cameron Chase-CSI NY/House MD crossover requested by babykid528

Read more...Collapse )

Foreman/Kutner-House MD-Requested by deelaundry
Read more...Collapse )

Gwen/Ianto-Torchwood-requested by hllangel

The things Ianto has to put up with.

Jack/Owen-Torchwood-requested by hllangel

You’re like a doctor.

Kutner/Cole-House MD-requested by hllangel

Read more...Collapse )

Jack/Gwen-Torchwood-requested by joanne_c

Read more...Collapse )

Martha/Tosh-Torchwood-requested by silver_fic

Read more...Collapse )

Greg House/Jack McCoy-House MD/Law & Order crossover requested by phinnia

Read more...Collapse )

Mac Taylor/Stacy Warner-CSI NY/House MD crossover requested by hansolo5
Read more...Collapse )

Mac Taylor/James Wilson-CSI-NY/House MD Crossover-requested by hansolo5

Read more...Collapse )

Ianto Jones/Lawrence Kutner – Torchwood/House MD crossover- Requested by silver_fic

A kiss in Cardiff.

Stella Bonasera/Lisa Cuddy – CSI NY-House MD crossover, requested by hannahorlove

Read more...Collapse )

House/Ninth Doctor-House MD/Dr. Who crossover-requested by hllangel

Bloody humans!


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