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April 18th, 2008

Ganked from michelleann68

Hi, friends list! There are a bazillion and a half of you! Wow. And I have a really terrible memory, so I have a hard time remembering who you all are sometimes, and which fandoms I have in common with whom, and I'm kind of curious where I came by most of you, because I can't remember in many cases. Some of you just flit by now and again, which is always a treat, and some of you have become regulars on my comment threads, which is its own kind of yay. Anyway, to steal the words of the meme:

I'd really appreciate if all of you f'list folks, wherever you fall on the spectrum, would come on by and say "hi" here. (Re)-introduce yourself, maybe mention how you ended up friending me, any fandoms we may share, tell me something random about yourself, whatever you like.

Another reason to hate the Travel Industry-

(As if I needed one.)

US Airways to charge for window, aisle seats

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House reference in GQ-The Style Guy Column


I have long thought that television's snappiest dressers were Kelsey Grammar and David Hyde Pierce as Frasier and Niles. What is your take on their style? Could someone successfully base their entire wardrobe on a close item-by-item inspection of their attire? Would it be in poor taste to walk into a tailor's and say, "Dress me like Frasier"?


I wouldn't call the doctors Crane television's snappiest dressers. Yes, they have been suit and tie guys from the beginning, but that's not enough. I consider the cast of Boston Legal far snappier. The Cranes aren't even snappiest M.D.'s. House, Wilson, and Foreman on House are. The best-dressed men on TV, though are probably Jon Hamm as Don Draper, the existentially debauched, semicool creative director on AMC's Mad Men-and Jeremy Piven as superagent Ari Gold on Entourage.


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