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May 18th, 2008

Title: Angel Of The Morning
Fandom: Torchwood RPF
Pairing: John Barrowman/Eve Myles (Reference to John/Scott) Special appearance by Captain Jack.
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 1485
Notes/Warnings: Here we go again people. THIS IS RPF. It involves real people, significant others, etc. If you think it's sick, disgusting, nasty, evil, etc...don't read it. If the idea of John thinking sexually about a woman is a problem for you...don't read it.
So much love for my comrade, compadre, partner-in-crime, and beta_goddess for picking out the flaws and letting this one shine.

Summary: John can't sleep. "Captain Jack" shows up to help.

Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby.Collapse )

Meme a day 2008-Day 136-Icon/Pairing Meme

Ganked from shipperfey

Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing. etc.

NOTES: Since I write RPS/RPF, I'm using the pictures that are clearly real people, rather than the characters as such and including them in the list. Also, I'm using full names, regardless of what the characters generally go by.

ETA- EEEP!!! I realize this morning that I somehow left Jools Siviter off the list, proving I should never post memes while exhausted. Since comments are in already, I'll just lt stand and assume Jools can be paired with anyone and it would somehow work.

Adam Smith (Torchwood)-Alison Cameron (House MD) (NONONONONONONONO)
Danny Messer (CSI-NY) - David Tennant (RPF) (Fuckin' Hot!)
Ethan Hawke (RPF) - Gwen Cooper (Torchwood) (I don't think so.)
Hugh Laurie (RPF) - Jack Bristow (Alias) (I wish, but I don't think so.)
Jesse Spencer (RPF)- John Barrowman (RPF) (So sizzle-icious I've already got it in the works.)
Keith Olbermann (Punditslash) - Lisa Cuddy (House MD) (YES! A sexy snark-fest.)
Martha Jones (Dr. Who/Torchwood) - Owen Harper (Torchwood) (Absolutely. Still story to be told there.)
Peter Muller (Swing Kids) - Reginald Jeeves (Jeeves & Wooster) (I wish, but I don't think so.)
Rhys Williams (Torchwood) - Robert Chase (House MD) (Wellll....maybe.)
Robert Sean Leonard (RPF) - Scott Gill (RPF) (TOTALLY COMPLETELY WRONG, but major Ovary Explosion waiting to happen.)
Stephen Colbert (Puditslash, assuming "character Stephen") - The Master (Dr. Who) - (WOW! Battle of the egos. Could be hot, but someone's gonna die.)
The Tenth Doctor (Dr. Who) - Toshiko Sato (Torchwood)- (YES, Please. Could be very hot and very sweet and very angsty. I am so there.)


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