May 25th, 2008

Anything Goes

Meme a day 2008-Day 142-Career Make Over Meme

Ganked from fairyhigh

I'm a little dubious about this, although it's certainly flattering to believe.

Take this test!
You're the sort of person that people think of fondly, when remembering who helped make a difference in their lives. Your stellar interpersonal skills and compassionate ear for the troubles and life experiences of others makes you a godsend when the going gets tough. And since you're especially smooth at managing responsibility, your listening skills and wisdom are their sharpest when you're in a position of authority. Consider yourself the soul doctor to the world—it's your true work personality.

Who's like you:
Florence Nightingale

Likely careers:
Nurse, pediatrician, veterinarian, party planner, teacher, professor


MMOM Day 25-"Admitted We Were Powerless" Hill Street Blues Rated-R Wordcount-700

Title: Admitted We Were Powerless
Fandom: Hill Street Blues
Characters: JD LaRue/Frank Furillo/Joyce Davenport
Rating: R-Strong language
Wordcount: 700
Notes: Dedicated to mad_jaks. Thanks to hllangel for the look-over. I don't think I've done an 80's TV Show in this year's Merry Month, so here goes.

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