June 2nd, 2008

You better call Tyrone

Mint last night.
Very crowded. Sebastian's friend David was there. He's a Who-vian and a Torchie and most important a bona-fide gay man, who's not otherwise influenced by fandom and totally agrees me analysis of the end of Exit Wounds. I hung out with Peggy and we had some fabulous snark together. I swear we are Mame and Vera Charles.
Song list
The Birds and the Bees-Jewel Akens
I Like It-Gerry and the Pacemakers
Little Children-Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas-If you haven't heard this song, let me just tell you it's another fine addition to my repetoire of psuedo and sometimes not so psuedo pedophilia songs. Young Girl, Teacher's Pet etc.

Still no word on my Ipod. I'm waiting for someone to be at the gym who can open the safe and tell me if it's there or not. If not, it's shopping time for a cheap one, probably NOT another Video much as I love being able to whip out a Barrowman clip from time to time.

Life On Mars-Now up to Series 2-Episode 6 and OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! Just when you think they can't come up with something more creative and more intense they do. FUCK! Can't wait to watch the last two.

Dr. Who-Stephen Moffat, you completely EEEEEVIL genius. Please come to TW and give us back THE REAL CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS. Please please please.

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From TV GUIDE-House/Wilson.
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Dentist appointment. Thursday 2PM. Cleaning and check out. It's been awhile.

Meme a day 2008-Day 150-The Introduction Meme

Ganked from strawberrytatoo

1. How old are you? 43
2. Where do you live and where are you from? Born in NYC, raised in suburban New Jersey, Living in San Francisco
3. What are you working as/What are you studying? Corporate travel agent onsite at a lawfirm
4. What makes you happy? Karaoke, writing, getting comments on my writing, obsessing about my fandoms, gmail chatting to my friends, hanging with the hubby.
5. What are your current goals? Finish Novel 2008. Complete the Nike 1/2 Marathon in October
6. Who do you live with? Hubby and one finch.
7. What's your star sign? Do you think it suits you? Libra/Scorpio cusp. More or less.
8. What song sums you up best? The Petshop Boys medley of Where The Streets Have No Name and Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You. Because I run the gamut for seriousness to the point of pretension and mere frivolity.
9. Why do you like reading my LJ? (Referring in this case to strawberrytatoo), I like hearing about life in Iceland. It's so far away, and yet the mundane bits are very similar.
10. What do you like about yourself? I think I'm funny.

1. A film: To Live and Die in LA-My favorite under-rated bang-bang shootemup movie EVER.
2. A book: Kitchen Confidential-Anthony Bourdain-The man is fucking awesome and you only get a smidge of it on TV.
3. A band: Grass Roots. Great 60's 70's pop. Every song is wonderfully melodic.
4: A website: www.recapist.org
5. An LJ user: paperclipbitch, because her fic is awesome, no matter what fandom or pairing she tackles.