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June 15th, 2008

Tidbits and nibbles

New York Times Article
about RTD, Dr. Who, Captain Jack. At least for this story, Russell manages to remember that Jack isn't just gay. The best part, AFAIK, is that they mention the Doctor and Rose kisses in Parting of the Ways and the Captain John kiss in KKBB. AND NO OTHERS!!!! Could have lived without the Tom Cruise reference, although they do say "bigger and better," which we of the Barrowmania Cult know to be the truth. IN SO MANY WAYS.

Beckham in my backyard. The LA Galaxy played the San Jose Earthquakes last night at McAfee Stadium in Oakland. The Quakes would have to be considered my home team and they got their butts kicked. 3-0. Ouch. Also ouch for David, who seemed to have pulled a hamstring. YAY David for bending over and showing us his visible panty lines.
Dr. Who
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Six miles with hubby this morning. His power walk is the same speed as my jog, but at least we're both out there fighting the good fight.

I really want to finish Series 1 of Ashes To Ashes today and tonight.


Working with Lucy next week. Steve is off for a week back to visit friends and family in New England. He needs a break. There were a bunch of snafus that occurred during my week off and he got hit with a lot of it last week. One day I thought he was going to abandon ship on me. Lucy and I always have fun together, so it should be a good week.

Meme a day 2008-Day 163-Love & Hate

Ganked from yuidirnt

1. List ten random things you love
2. List ten random things you hate
3. Tag ten people

1. Hubby
2. LJ
3. John Barrowman's voice
4. My "dress" Crocs
5. Good smut.
6. Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann (even when I'm pissed at Keith.)
7. Karaoke.
8. Mango Iced Tea at Cafe Petra
9. The Quivic program that lets me convert YouTube videos to Itunes.
10. Living in San Francisco, especially in June, Gay Pride Month.

1. Being cold.
2. Fanbrats (in any fandom)
3. Problem child clients.
4. The airlines.
5. The Dallas Cowboys
6. City budget cuts
7. Waiting in line
8. Losing things
9. Fast food cravings
10. Monday mornings.

I don't tag. You are all beings with free choice.


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