June 22nd, 2008


Pimping the Smut Cliche Fan Fic Fest

The omni_fiction Smut Cliche Fanfic Fest is up and running.

We've compiled our list of promps and it's right HERE!

Pick a cliche or two or three, find a way to redeem the sheer godawfulness, however you want to define redemption.

Multi-fandom, bi-fictional, het, slash, femslash and even Gen are all welcome.

Minimum words-100. Maximum suggested-1000, but if you need to write more, we won't turn you away a the door.

Start posting on July 1st. Post to omni_fiction, your own LJ and any other comms that
suit your fic.


"Don't Leave Me This Way" Torchwood Fic Ianto/Captain John NC17

Title: Don't Leave Me This Way
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Ianto/Captain John Hart (Mention of Jack/Ianto and Jack/Ianto/Gwen)
Wordcount: 3750
Rating: NC17
Notes/Warnings: Takes place post-Exit Wounds, therefore spoileriffic for Torchwood Series 1 & 2.
Possibly about to get Jossed. Thanks to haldane for speedy and superlative Beta work. Early birthday present for daasgrrl who wanted Ianto/Capt. John hate!sex.

J/I fans and Gwen-haters, this is NOT the fic for you.

There will most definitely be cross-posting. Concrit welcome.

Summary: You want to put this bastard in charge of Torchwood?

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