June 26th, 2008

Happy Gay Pride and some ramblings from the Desk of Doom

I got in about 20 minutes late this morning and walked into LIMO HELL!

1. Change the flights to 540PM (And get one guy on the 4:50PM)
2. Change the limo to 130PM
3. Change the limo RIGHT NOW
4. Too late. We're in a cab. Cancel the limo.
5. Get a limo for one guy at 3PM and for two guys at 345PM
6. Cancel the 450PM flight and the 3PM limo.

Meanwhile Steve was having an issue with a ticket that was kind of his fault, but not really and aside from trying to think of ways to get him out of it, none of which worked, there wasn't much I could do, except try and stay calm while the above was going on.

I'm seriously pissed at my Muse and myself right now.
Last night was supposed to be "Work on NOVEL 2008" night, but when I got home, I was bitten by a House-bunny that forced me to write 5 pages. What is it with this lack of self-control and all-around self-sabotage? The worst part...It's a Gen-bunny. Booooo-hisssss. Not gonna get a lot of comments off that, am I?

So. Gay Pride. YAY. No John Barrowman at the Pride Concert. Boo.
However given the man's schedule as outlined at his website, I'm developing a suspicion that the whole SF Pride Concert thing was never really confirmed. Maybe it was a situation where things were being discussed or negotiated and someone jumped the gun in getting the word out. I don't hold it against John and I do have the Squeeeee Odyssey in 6 months to look forward to.

In fact, a rep from the Island Hotel in Newport Beach came in Yesterday and within 20 minutes I was attempting a Barrowmania conversion using clips on my Ipod. I showed her the "It's In His Kiss" fanvid and watched her expression of disbelief at his gorgeousness. (Where's my damn toaster already?)

Since I'm not going to the concert tonight or tomorrow, the high-light of my week will actually be whenever I'm able to see Dr. Who on Saturday. OMFG!!!!! It's going to be amazing. (Unless it gets ruined.)

The Anonymous Writers meme is closed out. I'll be making my guesses on Monday, but as of now, I'm pretty flummoxed. If I fail as dismally as I expect, I'll probably ask the Teeming Millions for help and admit to my total suckitude.