July 8th, 2008

Meme a day 2008-Day 186-What Color Crayon Are You?

Ganked from dr_is_in

This one seems very accurate.

You Are a Blue Crayon

Your world is colored in calm, understated, deep colors.

You are a loyal person, and the truest friend anyone could hope to find.

On the inside, you tend to be emotional and even a bit moody.

However, you know that people depend on you. So you put on a strong front.

Your color wheel opposite is orange. Orange people may be opinionated, but you feel they lack the depth to truly understand what they're saying.

Jack arm

Time to Vote---Dr. Who/Torchwood Slash Awards

I'm thrilled to report that several regular customers of the Chelsea Drugstore, along with your's truly have been nominated. I'm super-duper proud of you guys and grateful to those of you who gave me a chance to do beta for you.

(If any other nominees are on my F-list and I haven't mentioned you, please let me know.)

drunken_hedghog nominated for Best Angst Fic and for best PWP fic for Boiling Point

paperclipbitch nominated for best one-shot for
Your Girlfriend No Longer Runs on Solar Power
and best Ianto/Owen fic G-PG13 (nobody does it better) for Sex Aliens Stole My Clothes Is Not a Valid Excuse

haldane nominated for Best Other Male Character Characterization in A Fic for Love and Loss

_tallian_ nominated for Best Other Torchwood Female/Female Fic (R-NC17)for The Dark Between Lamp Posts .

Your Humble Servant, nominated for Best Other Torchwood Female/Female Fic (R-NC17) for Second Best and for
Best Other Torchwood Male/Male Fic (R-NC17) for Don't Leave Me This Way

Here's the place to vote: http://community.livejournal.com/dwtwslashawards/

I'm going shopping for something fabulous to wear on the Red Carpet.

"Stranded" TW/DW fic-Post ep for Journey's End

Title: Stranded
Fandom: Dr. Who/Torchwood
Characters: Capt Jack et al.
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 300-ish. (I've been tinkering.)
Notes/Warnings/Spoilers-Spoileriffic for Journey's End, as I join the march of Post-eps. Assumes established J/I/G. Thanks to hllangel for the look-over.

Summary: Friends, lovers, memories.

Collapse )