July 15th, 2008

piano otp

Meme a day 2008-Day 193-Discuss Fic titles

Ganked from perspi

It's one of those things. Sometimes it hits you upside the head before you even have a word written. Sometimes it waits to reveal itself until the very bitter end of the writing process. Sometimes you need to beat your betas and f-list to give you ideas. Sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it, but always you need it: the Story Title.

So, Meme: Pick five (or two or ten) of your fics and explain what the titles mean and/or how you came up with them.

My own twist: I'm too fried to pick any of my own fic titles to discuss right now. You guys pick titles and I'll explain where they came from. First ten requests and then I'll close out.

ETA-This one is still open. There's a long comment thread in there, but so far only three actual requests. (July 17, 2008)

Anonymous writers, please reveal yourselves.

If you participated in the Anonymous Fic Meme, please go ahead and add a comment revealing your identity.

The original plan was a mass guessing game, but a few writers have been champing at the bit, so go to it.

I'm going to be totally embarrassed. I know it. So far all my attempts have been wrong. (At least the ones where writers responded to the guess.)