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August 22nd, 2008

Meme a Day 2008-Day 235-Fan Mix Meme

Ganked from fireholly

Comment here, and I shall make you a fan-mix of some kind. Just please leave:

+ A Fandom
+ A Character or Subject (like, "your mom" or "songs relating to people your mom has done")
+ At least one artist that you simply cannot stand and thus will hate me for putting on the FST (if applicable)


+ A genre (rock, hip-hop, rocksteady, etc). Note that if it's too obscure, I will hurt you.

I'll have it be no less than 5 songs, and probably no more than 7 unless I go nuts.

I'll even take a shot at fandoms I'm not in (but have heard of), because I'm feeling nice. Also it'll be funny.


Falling apart at the seams

Last night was totally screwed up. I love Ivan dearly and his impulse to get a City Car Share car and pick me up to go to the hospital was lovely. However, once he ran into problems picking up the car (it had been broken into), we should just have aborted the mission. As it was, he had to call in the problem, get another car, get downtown, pick me up-IN TRAFFIC, get us to Safeway to pick up some stuff, and then to the hospital. We didn't get there till nearly eight and wound up staying barely an hour. It really wasn't good. I felt all kinds of bad and crazy. The sight of Hubby's robo-cop leg AND blood draining on the sheets had me really freaked out.

And even though I have managed NOT to get into the sugar/starch abyss at all, I'm not managing hunger well either.

Tonight I'll just get a cab after work and go straight up there. Whereever it turns out to be, as they are probably moving him to Kaiser today. YAY KAISER! I know the gang at General have been doing their best, but I seriously hate that place.

So I went home and tried to watch Countdown, but ending up crashing. I woke up and started it again and fell asleep again. Although I did stay up long enough to hear the McCain story. The guy doesn't know how many houses he has? That just makes my blood boil.

I got up this AM to get to the gym and got all the way down to the BART station before realizing I had my gym back but no pocket book (purse or hand-bag to you non east-coast people.) Went back and resisted temptation to blow off the gym.

Pretty frazzled here at the desk of doom. I'm having a very hard time focusing on work, although I'm looking forward to doing the meme-rants and the meme fanmixes.

First set of Rants from the Rant Meme

I know that the lovely haldane is traveling right now and may have limited internet access, but my slight OCD-self feels compelled to do the rants in the order they were requested, so here goes.

Just a reminder-The RANT MEME stipulated that I did not have to agree with the rant topic, thereby leaving the way open for all kinds of mischief to test my ranting mettle as it were.

And thus I give you:

Rant about how underused Ianto was as a character in the finale of Torchwood series 2.Collapse )

And a bonus rant:

Rant about how restaurants always seem to put those horrid bitter sprouts on the top of mixed salads, and they're impossible to pick off.Collapse )


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