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September 6th, 2008

Meme a Day 2008-Day 250-Summer Meme

New theme-Does it look OK?

Basically, I just wanted to have the links on the side to make it easier to find stuff. Although that is a lot of damn links, isn't it? Some of them are typos that I need to get out of there, if there's a way to clean up the tag list.


HEAT WAVE! YUCK! I hate this shit. It's one thing when I'm in Maui on a lanai with a nice breeze off the ocean. Not so much here and now, when my husband's in a Nursing Home with no air conditioning. It's been going on since the week of the accident which is totally insane. NOT why I live in San Francisco. Bitch bitch. Gripe gripe.

I think hubby is in a much better mood, although I suspect it will be an on-going process with the recovery, but he seemed to be in better spirits last night.


It's been nearly two weeks and the problem with silk wraps is that they can dry out and break off if you go too long between fills. Kathy, my guru of Goddess Nails has sold her business and all the places in my neighborhood have like one person who can do it and of course even though I've been bugging them all morning they've been shining me on telling me wait, wait, wait, and when you finally show up the place is mobbed and it's wait wait wait again. The girls barely speak english, which isn't their fault, but it makes it very difficult to communicate.

I think I'll go downtown and see if any of the other places on Kearny Street can take care of me. LIKE NOW. IMMEDIATELY. LET'S DO IT PEOPLE!

Then I need to deal with Psycho-sis and pick up some things for hubby before going up to the nursing home to hang out for the rest of the day.

Heat wave is still MISERABLE!


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