September 8th, 2008


Meme a Day 2008-Day 252-The Secret Name Meme

Ganked from deelaundry

1. There are 30 questions.
2. Answer each question with one name.
3. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits.
4. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.
Comment or PM your email to get the questions, but then you have to do it. :) Nobody be paranoid; these are good things! Or at the very least, meant fondly.

1. deelaundry
2. louiseroho
3. timbershiver
4. fallen_arazil
5. babykid528
6. hannahorlove
7. leiascully
8. hllangel
9. drunken_hedghog
10. topaz_eyes
11. lifebecomesart
12. kohlrimmedeye
13. acidic_flower
14. vanillafluffy
15. strawberrytatoo
16. jadesfire
17. antychan
18. kiwi_from_hell
19. starhawk2005
20. phinnia
21. sarahetc
22. morganmuffle
23. michelleann68
24. savemoony
25. candesgirl
26. petrichor_fizz
27. aithlyn
28. daasgrrl
29. joanne_c
30. In the immortal words of Paul Williams as sung by Karen Carpenter:
When there's no getting over that rainbow,
when my smallest of dreams won't come true,
I can take all the madness,
the world has to give,
but I won't last a day without you.
Anything Goes


I was so glad to put my leather jacket on today. Beautiful, cold, foggy air.
Halle-bloody-lu-jah. Seriously. If I wanted protracted amounts of heat, I would NOT be living in San Francisco.


My friends are so very awesome, I'm not sure I deserve them!

Ivan made me a lovely dinner last night. The first calm, sit-down dinner I've had with another human being in weeks. Chicken. Potatoes. Carrots. MMMMMMMMM. Then we watched fanvids and Top Gear clips on You Tube and I showed him some QI, which immediately had him bent over in stitches, although the recurring uses of "cock" made him blush a bit. He even got a City Car Share to take me home.

hllangel has re-done my profile page so that it matches the color scheme of my LJ layout. How cool is that? Go. Look. Drool.

hansolo5 sent us something that actually brought tears to my cynical eyes as a gift and inspiration for hubby.


I'm wearing pearls today for no apparent reason.


Hubby reports that they actually tried him out on crutches. This is massive because it's the only way he's really going to be able to come home, since a wheelchair is insanely impractical in our apartment and he's not crazy about using a walker.