September 14th, 2008

Make him stop whining

Assault on a Comm

I'm going to post my non-J/I story to torchwoodslash at about 730PM PST, along with an extremely police comment that the fic was written and posted because there is more to Torchwood Slash than that particular pairing. If anyone has anything ready to go, I invite you post in the same time frame.

The idea is to make a point and give each other some good fic to read, not to start a wank. However if it stirs one up among posters who think the comm SHOULD only be for that, then I'm more than ready to rumble.
canon shmanon

"Take Me Home" Torchwood Fic Jack/Owen NC17 Wordcount-1780

Title: Take Me Home
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Owen
Rating: NC17
Notes: Written to make the point that there IS more to Torchwood Slash than Jack/Ianto. Spoiler for Reset. Takes place during the jail cell scene from "A Day In The Death."

Thanks to my beloved beta_goddess Special thanks to hllangel for post-posting clean-up.

Summary: Jack and Owen come to terms with the past.

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